Oshawa Hot Tub Maintenance

Slipping into a warm bath at the end of a long day can be incredibly relaxing, but a hot tub is even better. Whether at home alone, entertaining friends, or catering to guests and tenants, nothing beats a soak in the great outdoors. Enjoying the starlight from the comfort of your own spa is great, but having to keep these water systems clean is not. Don’t let regular cleaning and maintenance get in the way of your enjoyment, when you can call a Puddle Pro for your Oshawa hot tub maintenance. 

Filling an empty tub is as simple as turning the tap on a garden hose but once there is water in your system, keeping it in great shape is a much more demanding process. Anyone can visit a pool supply store for simple test strips but putting these to use is complicated. Just because you have warm water, doesn’t mean that it is clean water. For balanced chemical levels, appropriate cleaning solutions and debris removal, Puddle technicians can handle it all! 

Expert Hot Tub Care: Routine Treatments and Deep Cleans 

You wouldn’t swim in someone else’s bath water, but without proper cleaning practices, that is essentially what you are doing. Each body that enters your system leaves something behind. This might be hair, sunscreen, body products, or hair spray, each of which contribute to residue that builds on sides, holding onto bacteria and contributing to a drop in water quality. 

If you have stepped foot into a spa and felt slime or residue on the walls, or seats, you very likely hopped back out quickly. Slippery surfaces, residue or a slimy feeling against walls means that you need a deep cleaning of your water system. When you are experiencing algae, white mold or other, serious issues, it is important to perform a multi-step cleaning and sanitizing process that addresses interior mechanisms, pipes and drains, as well as the hot tub shell and spa water.  

Routine Care: Regular, bi-weekly hot tub cleaning practices help to keep your water clean, swimmers safe and can help to identify issues with circulation systems before they spiral out of control. Everything from a clogged filter to strained pump can lead to unnecessary wear and tear to your system. Bi-weekly hot tub services can also help to identify issues with pool equipment, that can become worse over time or lead to contamination of water. You might not give much thought to the condition of your spa cover, but a bit of mold can still impact the overall condition of your system. A test kit often points out issues with sanitizer levels like chlorine or bromine but they often overlook pH levels, total alkalinity and other key factors. 

Hot Tub Refresh: Whenever there is murky water, mold or algae growth, an application of hot tub chemicals is often not enough to put your system back into great shape. Don’t waste time on DIY practices like white vinegar and a soft cloth, when you can call a Puddle Pro for fast action and great results. If this is the case, the best way to restore water chemistry and protect your tub, is to drain and clean your water feature. Just like with a pool, attempting to drain the hot tub using an amateur approach can quickly result in a huge influx of water that can drown lawns, damage surrounding structures, or result in rot, mold, or complications from water exposure. Let our experts handle scrubbing shells, jets, hot tub filters, head rests and more, while all you have to do is refill the hot tub. Once full, technicians return to your property for a final water balancing. 

Puddle Pool Services: Getting the Best Results For Your Hot Tub or Swim Spa 

From spa filters to hot tub water, your system is made up of many moving parts. In order to keep your system running each of these should be addressed with a trained eye and the right technique — and that is where our Puddle Pros come in. Whenever you are cleaning hot tub systems, safety should be the top priority, both for yourself and for your systems. Something as simple as taking the additional step of cutting power to the hot tub can help to avoid nasty surprises and even personal injury. 

With service options for residential, commercial and communal pool spaces, Puddle Pool Services have options for everyone. Fully insured staff members provide great results and peace of mind, so call today for your free quote. 

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