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Having a pool at home is great but having to clean your pool is a completely different story! Nothing beats hosting a pool party or being able to kick back in your own swim space but no one wants to spend their Saturday skimming surfaces, testing water and checking filters. If you want all of the benefits of pool ownership without sacrificing your free time, just call Puddle! Keep your water clean and systems running by calling Puddle for your Oshawa residential pool services for efficient and affordable pool care. 

There is a lot more to maintaining a pool than meets the eye. Swimming pools are complicated systems with many moving parts and just skimming out debris or tossing in a chlorine puck here and there isn’t enough to get results. All it takes is missing one chemical treatment to cause cloudy water and taking one vacation can mean coming back to algae growth. Instead of dealing with the aftermath of a DIY disaster, call a Puddle technician for expert pool care brought right to your door. 

Pool Care at Home: Why Call An Expert 

Anyone can visit a pool supply store for a testing kit and a few pool chemicals but putting these to use is a lot tougher than it looks. From balancing pool chemicals to emptying skimmer baskets, it is easy to overlook one step of the cleaning process, leading to unexpected issues.  Each part of your pool care plays a role in its overall health and that is a lot to keep up with! Instead of struggling to keep up with the needs of your swimming pool have an expert do it for you. By calling a Puddle technician you get a multi-step approach to pool care that treats pool systems inside and out. 

Balancing Water Chemistry: It is great to have test strips on-hand for emergency water testing but these are not always enough to maintain water balance. Instead of focusing only on chlorine levels, testing should include monitoring pH levels, alkalinity and calcium levels. Failing to keep up with chemical levels can result in cloudy or discoloured water and even dangerous contaminations. Contaminated water can lead to recreational water illnesses (RWIs) that cause skin irritations, eye infections, digestive issues, ear infections and in extreme cases, e-coli poisoning.

Removing Debris: Both outdoor and indoor pools are vulnerable to debris buildup. For indoor models you might notice pool toys or bandages floating along pool bottoms while outdoor swim spaces are prone to organize like leaves, sticks, seed pods, pinecones, insects and more. Lighter items will float along water surfaces either ending up in skimmer baskets or rotting, breaking apart into small pieces and filling up filters. Heavier items will sink to the bottom of the pool where it will sit against vinyl liners and if left, cause staining. A stained liner means a drop in curb appeal and the need for a replacement to get rid of them. A standard pool vacuum is not designed to reach into tight corners or hard angles so this leaves pockets of bacteria and debris behind. Trust an expert to remove all debris for a cleaner and more inviting look. 

Inspecting Water Systems & Pool Equipment: Without a working filtration system a swimming pool will start to look like a swamp before you know it. There isn’t any point in cleaning a pool if water is sitting stagnant. It is important to keep water circulating because that means chemicals are circulating along with it. Keeping a pool cleaner means making sure that filters are clean, pool pumps are running and return lines are intact. A cartridge filter will need to be removed, cleaned and replaced every 3-4 months and a sand filter will need to be emptied and replaced with new sand every few years. 

Seasonal Pool Care: As the seasons change so do the needs of your swimming pool. Even if you’ve got a pool care routine during the swim season, that will all go out the window as you move into fall. In order to protect your pool through the winter it is important to drop water levels, apply winterizing chemicals and clean away debris, as well as removing detachable components so they can be dried and stored for winter. When opening up in spring it is important to restore water levels, apply chemical treatments to balance water, remove debris and ensure that all components are in good, working order. 

Puddle Pool Services: The Best in Residential Pool Care 

When you want the best in pool care, look no further than your local Puddle technicians. Each member of the team is local to the Oshawa area, so we know what your swimming pool is up against. From maintaining water condition, pool filters, preventing algae and more, there is nothing that our team of experts can’t handle. With options for routine cleaning programs, service calls, inspections, leak detection and seasonal care, just call a Puddle Pro. 

Puddle Pool Services does not believe in hidden fees. By offering full transparency to our clients, you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you are paying for! Each member of the team is highly trained and experienced, as well as fully insured to protect pools, properties and our teams for peace of mind. 

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