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When winter weather starts to give way to warmer temperatures pool owners want to dive in as soon as possible — and who can blame them? Whether you are wanting to kick off the spring season with a pool party or are hoping to get some sunshine and exercise, you will need a proper pool cleaning. After months of disuse swimming pools are often cloudy, discoloured, full of algae and very contaminated. An Oshawa pool opening service restores water condition, ditches debris and helps you make the most out of the swim season. 

Taking an amateur approach to spring pool care can mean extending the opening process, wasting warm days or ending up with subpar results. If water chemistry is off it might result in cloudy water or health and safety risks. Just because water appears clear doesn’t necessarily mean that it is clean. Diving into contaminated water can result in recreational water illnesses (RWIs), like skin irritations, eye infections, ear infections and, in severe case, even e-coli poisoning. 

Opening Your Pool For Spring: A Multi-Step Approach 

Winter takes a toll on outdoor spaces and that includes your pool. It is common to pull back that winter cover to find water looking more like a swamp than a place to swim in. When this is the case it is important to thoroughly clean your pool but also undo everything that was done during closing. Pool closings often involve dropping water levels, removing detachable components and even winterizing plugs and all of this will need to be considered when opening back up again. 

In order to get the best results for your opening, it is important to break into down into multiple steps that address every part of your pool from top to bottom: 

Step 1: The first step to an opening is to restore any necessary components that had been removed during closing. From here it is time to shock existing pool water and restore water levels. It is easy enough to grab a garden hose to refill dropped levels but balancing is key to restoring water condition. 

Step 2: Even if you’ve kept a cover on all winter, there is likely a ton of debris in your pool basin. Lighter items will float along water surfaces for a while until they start to rot and break apart or sink. Larger floating items will clog up skimmer baskets and smaller items will fill up filters. Heavier items will sink down to the bottom of the pool, where they will need to be vacuumed. Standard pool vacuums are not designed to reach into corners or hard angles around stairs, meaning there are always items left behind. Pool specialists have the best tools to navigate these problem areas, as well as pool brushes designed to scrub away residue without damaging vinyl liners. 

Step 3: It is important to monitor the condition of pool equipment to make sure that your circulation and filtration systems are running smoothly. This means inspecting everything from the heater, pool pump and filter. 

Step 4: Following specialized chemical treatment plans, in-depth cleanings and equipment testing, you are on the final legs of the opening process. Test strips might alert you to issues with water chemistry during regular pool maintenance but they aren’t enough to identify problem areas when opening. Expert pool technicians test pool water for sanitizer levels, pH levels, alkalinity and calcium to make sure that you are jumping into a clean and sanitary pool. 

In addition to the main steps of a pool opening, Puddle Pros offer helpful tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy swim space as well as inspecting surrounding areas. Swapping out solid covers for mesh ones is a way to help heat pool water and reduce algae risk. If you have questions about storing your pool cover for the season, just ask a pro! If you have a green pool, ditch the test kit and call an expert instead! 

Puddle Pool Service: The Best Results Throughout Oshawa 

When you want the best results for your pool opening, just call a local expert. Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Oshawa area, so we know what you are up against. As soon as the average outdoor temperature hits 21 degrees, it is time to open your pool. Instead of struggling to restore water condition on your own, call a Puddle Pro for quick and efficient services. 

In addition to seasonal care, Puddle technicians offer service options for routine cleaning programs, inspections and even leak detection so there is never a bad time to call Puddle for your pool care needs. 

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