Oshawa Pool Leak Detection

No matter how small it is, a swimming pool leak can be the difference between making the most out of your summer and having to lounge next to an empty pool. There is never a good time to spring a leak but water loss in a swimming pool is a worst case scenario. Water loss in pools can happen naturally or can be caused by physical damage or leaks. If you begin to notice a drop in the water level, don’t hesitate to call Puddle for your Oshawa pool leak detection. 

When dealing with a leak sink or faucet it is easy to spot pooling water or the staining that it leaves behind. Pointing out water loss in a pool is much more complicated than just that because there are so many places that it can happen. In an above ground pool structures and plumbing are visible while inground pools are more difficult to assess. Instead of take a quick glance and assuming everything is fine, Puddle technicians provide in-depth leak detection in pools focusing on identifying problem areas and isolating them for repair. 

Pool Leak Detection Services: How to Tell If You Are Losing Water 

Water loss in pools can occur naturally or can be caused by physical damage. Figuring out which one you are dealing with is key to creating an efficient treatment plan. Water loss in a pool, spa or hot tub can be caused naturally when temperatures are high or water systems are being used frequently. 

Every body that enters into your pool will carry water out with them — not to mention all of the splashing and cannonballs that happen over the course of the day. With this in mind, it is common to experience 3-5 inches of water loss on a weekly basis. If you are seeing more loss than this or find yourself having to refill your water levels on a daily basis, you are likely dealing with a leak. It is a good idea to mark the water level in the pool and measure loss on a daily and weekly basis. 

If your pool water level indicates that you are dealing with excessive water loss, it is time to call Puddle. Our team of experts will test structures and plumbing systems to locate the leak. 

Pressure Tests: This type of testing involves applying a stream of consistent air flow to plumbing and return lines. If this air comes into contact with a crack or leak it will create air bubbles. These can be tracked visually or, in the event of an underground leak, will cause saturated soil to make gurgling sounds. 

Dye Tests: Structural leaks around pools are often caused by physical damage. This might be caused by blunt force as in the case of visible cracks or slab leaks, tears in vinyl liners or corrosion/damage caused by tree roots. By turning off the pool pump and letting water go still, Puddle technicians create the ideal backdrop for a dye test. This test includes strategic placement of coloured dyes inside pool water that will be attracted to any leaking areas. 

In the event that you are dealing with a leak, Puddle technicians provide referrals to local repair experts for timely and reliable services. 

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