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For many Oshawa pool owners, it is common practice to skim debris from the surface of pool water before diving in. This is a great way to remove floating debris, but proper pool care means treating your water system from the ground, up, and even the inner workings. With an already busy schedule, it is tough to keep up with the demands of a swim space but our Puddle Pool Pros can help! Professional Oshawa pool cleaning works to keep your system running, prolongs the lifespan of your water feature and keeps swimmers safe. 

You might not notice each of your pool’s components on a daily basis but each of these are hard at work, even when your system isn’t running. Taking a DIY approach to your pool care often means subpar results, shortened lifespan of materials, costly repairs and even illness. Instead of struggling through regular upkeep, call an expert. 

Caring for Swimming Pools: What Makes Routine So Important 

When properly maintained, both inground and above ground pools provide a great place to entertain, as well as add curb appeal to homes, or act as a draw for potential tenants and guests. Whenever there are bodies entering your pool system, it is important to ensure that your swim space is safe and sanitary. Ensuring that your pool is safe for swimmers means treating water condition, as well as surfaces, and mechanical components, such as the pool filter, pumps, motors and more. 

It is easy enough to visit a pool supply store to purchase a basic testing kit, but simple test strips can only take you so far. The water chemistry in a pool is extremely important, but learning how to balance pool chemicals can take years to properly dial in. Too few chemicals and sanitizers can allow bacteria to build and algae to form and spread, while too many can lead to skin, ear and eye irritations.

Debris, whether sunken or floating, is an indicator that your pool is in need of a clean. Leaving sunken debris sitting on pool liners can lead to permanent staining. Turning on a pool vacuum might help to suck up some of this debris, but these tools are not designed for hard-to-reach areas. These tools might be great for flat, wide surfaces like pool bottoms, but they are unable to reach into corners or climb up stairs. This creates areas that can build up residues and bacteria, wearing on the overall condition of your swim space. 

Pool equipment is often the unsung hero of any water system. Something as simple as a skimmer basket can be integral to keeping your pool clean, but these are often out of sight, and out of mind. You might be focused on maintaining chemical and pH levels, but this pool season, ensure that your equipment and accessories are also being inspected. When dealing with vinyl liners, replacement and repairs are often an extremely expensive and time consuming process. Regular inspections can identify issues with your liner before they become serious. Checking on circulation systems can help to reduce the risk of cloudy pool water, helping to create a clean and inviting environment. 

Expert Pool Cleaning Service in the Oshawa Area 

Maintaining clean water and great visuals is a major part of keeping swimming pools in good condition but it is important not to forget about the internal systems that keep water flowing! In order to get the best results, it is important to take a multi-step approach that caters to the areas of your pool the you can see, as well as the ones that you can’t. There is a lot going on just below the surface! You might take an afternoon to remove debris but forget to grab a pool brush to remove residue. Shocking the pool seems like a great idea at but this doesn’t balance water. For the best results, just call a local pool pro. 

Each of the technicians at Puddle Pool Services are local your area, so we know exactly what you are up against. During summer months when the sun is high and the temperatures are hot, our experts recommend weekly maintenance practices in order to keep up with the elements and the higher traffic that swim season brings. When temperatures cool throughout fall and winter, bi-weekly services are enough to keep your pool in great shape throughout the slow season. 

After years of experience in the field, our expert technicians are able to treat residential, commercial and communal properties. When you want to have an expert test your water, clean your cartridge filter, check your pool pump, monitor chlorine levels or even install safety covers, just call your local Puddle technician. Puddle crews don’t only offer one option for your pool treatments. From routine cleanings, seasonal care, service calls, inspections, leak detection and more, there is never a bad time to call a specialist to get your pool programs started. 

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