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California might seem like it is summer all year long, but when temperatures take a dip very few people are sitting poolside. Whether you are looking to close down for the season or are preparing for a long trip, a professional Temecula pool closing service can help to protect your system. Seasonal pool maintenance is key to keeping your swim space looking great but it also helps to keep mechanics running and makes for a smooth opening in spring.

Swimming pools might seem simple from the outside but just below the surfaces, they have very complicated systems. Keeping a pool sanitary means treating a wide range of processes from balancing the water, winterizing drain plugs, removing mesh covers and inspecting vulnerable areas like liners and tiles.

Pool Closing: A Key Aspect of Seasonal Pool Care

Swimming pool maintenance is necessary throughout the year but these systems need extra attention at the start of the cold season. It is easy to be excited when it is time to open your pool but closing it down is a real chore. Shortcuts might be appealing but just throwing on a pool cover and hoping for the best can lead to serious damage and expensive repairs down the line.

Effective swimming pool maintenance can be broken up in a multi-step approach aimed at protecting systems from the inside out. In-depth closing services provide protection for even the most delicate components of your pool during a cold snap, or prolonged period of low temperatures.

In an in-ground pool, it is important to drop the water level of your system, so it falls a few inches below the skimmer line. Reduced levels help to prevent water from entering into lines where it can freeze. A whole pool might not freeze over but small amounts of sitting water can, leading to damage from expansion and contraction, as well as weakening to plastics that become brittle in the cold. Taking time to blow out the lines ensures that there is no sitting water that can freeze.

Failing to clean the filter in your system or skim and vacuum debris can lead to unwanted items sitting over a period of months. If this is the case, you can expect clogs and blockages inside your filtration system. If there are blockages inside your system, your pool filter is struggling. If circulation is struggling to push through blockages, there is unnecessary wear and tear placed on your pool pump, motors and more. Having an expert clean out your skimmer baskets can make a world of difference to the overall functionality of your pool.

Puddle Pool Services: Local Experts, Excellent Results

Everyone wants to make the most out of the swim season. Hiring an expert to close your system down sets the stage for a quick and easy opening in spring. It can take years of trial and error to figure out exactly what makes your system tick, but our Puddle experts have put the work in for you. Each member of the team is local to your area, so our technicians understand exactly what your system needs.

Each Puddle technician is fully insured to protect against any unwelcome surprises, and are highly trained to avoid any potential damage. When it comes to preparing for winter, trust an expert to get the best possible result at an accessible price and carried out by friendly technicians.

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