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In a scenic area like Temecula, it is no wonder that property owners are keen to jump outside and spend their time in the sunshine and there is no better way to do that than in a swimming pool. As the winter season comes to an end, pool owners are eager to fire up their systems again — and our Puddle pros can help! Professional Temecula pool opening services are able to restore dormant systems, creating sanitary spaces and keeping systems running smoothly.

When you remove the cover from your pool after a long period of disuse, you might be in store for an unpleasant surprise. It is common to come across algae blooms, debris or cloudy water. These not only look awful but can cause serious damage to your system or the people swimming inside. Professional pool opening services can help to protect swimmers as well as protecting your investment.

What Goes Into Opening Your Pool

As temperatures begin to drop, your swimming pool needs a bit of extra attention. Incoming winter temperatures can signal that it is time to start winterizing plugs, blow out return lines, store your pool cover and swap it out for a winter model, as well as dropping water levels. When you want to open your pool for spring, it is important to undo the preventative measures that kept your system in good shape through the cold season.

Anyone can add water to a pool with a garden hose but it is important to balance the water, as well. Pool chemicals are available at any supply store but it can take years of trial and error to figure out how to put these resources to use. Unlike a standard pool clean, correcting chemistry after a long period of sitting idle means balancing pH levels, chlorine, sanitizers and monitoring the total alkalinity of the water. Without thorough water balancing your pool water can be contaminated, which can mean serious illness for anyone stepping inside.

Pool water is incredibly important to your swim space but so is your filtration system. Even with a secured safety cover, debris finds a way to get into your water. It is possible to grab a skimmer and remove floating debris or vacuum the pool floor to pick up sunken objects, but what about the items that have crept into your mechanisms? A test kit cannot diagnose issues occurring inside your system that might be impacting your pool equipment.

A trained eye can help to spot issues with your water, liners or tiles, as well as your pump and filter. Even a small tear in your vinyl liner can grow, paving the way for water damage, flooding and the need for expensive repairs. Having an expert inspect your pool system can help to prevent disaster.

Have An Expert Open Your Pool For The Season

When you want great results for the swim season, our Puddle Pool experts can help! Even if you didn’t call in a technician for your pool closing, we are able to swing into action to open your pool system. Ditch the basic test strips and call an expert to get great results for your pool water and its overall condition.

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Temecula area, meaning we know exactly what you are up against, because we deal with the same issues! In addition to the peace of mind that comes along with fully insured services, our technicians are easily accessible. Puddle customers never have to struggle to get in touch with our Puddle Pros. With options for by-phone and online bookings, Puddle customers know where to find us, 24 hours a day.

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