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Pools in California are assets all year long. If you want to crank that heater and throw a Christmas pool party, you absolutely can — unless you are dealing with a pool leak! The water level in your swim space can be effected by the elements, by swimmers stepping in and out, and definitely by water leaks. Don’t let a damaged pipe or torn liner put a damper on your fun when you can call Puddle instead. Professional Temecula pool leak detection services use proven techniques to track down problem areas and isolate them for repair. 

If you are struggling to tell if your water loss is happening naturally or you are dealing with a pool leak, there is never a bad time to call in a Puddle Pro. Our highly trained local technicians are able to spot even small issues that will become worse over time. Catching leaks early can mean organizing quick and easy repairs instead of large-scale repairs and replacements. 

Leak Detection in Pools: The Best Way to Find a Leak 

It is common for a pool to lose water naturally at the height of summer. High heats will cause water to evaporate and the more people there are stepping in and out of your pool, the more water they will carry out with them — and that doesn’t include all of the splashing and cannonballs. With all of this in mind, it’s not uncommon for swim spaces to lose anywhere between 3-5 inches of water over the course of a week. 

If you notice that you are losing more than 5 inches of water per week, it is time for a bucket test. This involves filling a bucket with water and placing it next to the pool so the two are exposed to the same conditions. Mark the water level in each and if after a couple of days, the water level in the pool is lower than the bucket, you are dealing with a leak. 

After years of experience in the industry, Puddle technicians are able to identify leaks, diagnose what type of leak you are dealing with and isolate problem areas for repairs. We arrive on-scene with top-of-the-line pool leak detection technology for quick and reliable services. 

Pressure Test: When dealing with an inground pool it can be tough to identify a plumbing leak in your system. Luckily, Puddle has the tools to track down these problem areas. Pressure testing involves applying a steady stream of air to water lines. If there is a leak down in the line it will create air bubbles that will show up in return lines. This is a strong indicator of an issue within the system. In the case of an underground leak this air will create gurgling sounds that can be tracked down. 

Dye Test: The best way to check for a structural swimming pool leak is with a dye test.This method will help to identify cracks in concrete foundations or slabs, as well as pointing out even small tears in the pool liner. It is important to turn off the pool pump so water will go still. Once still, coloured dyes are strategically placed inside basins. Dyes are attracted to the vacuum left behind by a leak and will leave a coloured trail that can be followed visually. 

Swimming Pool Leak Detection: What to Expect From the Experts 

Puddle isn’t your average pool leak detection company. Every member of the Puddle Pool Services team is local to Temecula and the surrounding area, so we know exactly what your swim space is up against. After years of industry experience Puddle technicians are able to track down problem areas outside and inside of your water system. 

If you suspect that there is a leak in your pool, spa or hot tub don’t hesitate to call the experts at Puddle Pool Services. The longer you wait, the worse a leak becomes so quick action is always better. Local technicians are able to provide timely and reliable services, all at an affordable rate. 

With options to book online or by-phone there is never a bad time to schedule your pool leak detection services. In the event that we find a leak, Puddle crews provide referrals to local experts in your area. Puddle crews are proud to offer affordable rates and fully insured staff and services for peace of mind. 

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