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When temperatures drop, it is time to start thinking about preparing your home for the fall season — and that means pool care! Failing to close a pool for the winter can result in a difficult opening in spring, but it can also mean structural damage, breakage to internal components and a dangerous environment for swimmers. With so much riding on the condition of your swimming pool, it is always a great idea to call an expert for your Nepean pool closing services.

All it takes is a quick Google search to be overwhelmed with tons of tricks and tips for fall pool maintenance. One DIY approach might suggest adding water bags while a pool supply blog might advocate for dropping the water level in your pool system. The only way to ensure that you are getting the best results for your seasonal pool care is to consult an expert with a great reputation and a long list of happy customers, like Puddle Pool Services!

Fall Pool Care: Closing Pools For Winter

If getting your pool ready for cold weather was as simple as installing winter covers and calling it a day, everyone would do it. While it is a good idea to cover your pool to prevent debris buildup, just covering pool water without the right mix of chemical applications, scrubbing and prep can lead to serious damage, as well as a huge delay in spring openings.

Preparing Pool Equipment: Pool water often takes centre stage during the cleaning and maintenance process but keeping your system in great shape requires a wide range of care. It is no secret that water freezes in cold temperatures and while a bit of ice doesn’t seem very dangerous, having it in your pool system is. As water freezes, it makes plastic brittle and it expands. Frozen water expands up to 9% and although this is not a particularly big number, it is enough to burst pipes, which means serious damage. This is what makes it so important to blow out lines and remove detachable components so they can be dried and stored. Winterizing drain plugs is another way to prevent water from seeping into vulnerable areas.

Cleaning Out Pool Filters: The longer that clogs and blockages are allowed to exist within your water system, the worse they become. If skimmer baskets become full or filtration systems begin to form clogs, water is unable to flow, putting strain on water systems and causing unnecessary wear and tear to important components like the pool pump and motor. Pressure gauges can alert pool owners that their sand filter needs to be changed while cartridge filters require a visual inspection.

Pool Chemicals: A standard test kit might be enough to point out issues with pool chemistry during regular cleanings but when closing down for the winter, there are additions that need to be made. Leaving water sitting stagnant for months at a time will lead to algae growth. If this is the case, pulling back the pool cover in spring can mean coming face to face with cloudy or discoloured water. A trained technician can apply algaecides and shock your pool system to avoid unexpected growth and staining.

Avoid Freezing: It is no secret that freezing water is a danger to the overall condition of your pool system. Ontario is known for its frigid winters and this can be a real headache for pool owners. In sub-zero temperatures, property owners might lean on resources like pool antifreeze or, in the case of an above ground pool, water bags should be installed to prevent freezing. In-ground pools, the water level should be dropped to a few inches below jets and skimmer lines so water cannot get in.

When you want to protect your pool throughout the winter season, no one does it better than a Puddle Pool Pro. Our team of highly trained technicians are able to create a sanitary environment, applying chemicals and removing debris in order to avoid unnecessary damage and pave the way for a smoother opening in spring.

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