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Pool maintenance and use are in high demand throughout the summer and this can really cut into your leisure time. Swimming pools are meant to be enjoyed but when you are stuck spending all your free time skimming and scrubbing, it can be hard to fully enjoy your water system. Instead of having to choose between a clean pool system and giving up your free time, leave the heavy lifting to a Puddle Pro. Expert Nepean pool opening services can help to set the stage for the swimming season. Start the summer off on the right foot with a little help from a Puddle technician.

One of the most commonly asked questions that our technicians are asked is, when can I open my pool? The real answer is that it is up to the weather. When the average outdoor temperature reaches 20-21 degrees, it is safe to open your pool system. Opening a system too early can lead to unexpected freezing and damage, while waiting too late into the season can mean missing out on warm weather. When you want the best results for your water system, consult an expert for the best possible results.

Spring Pool Care: Opening Up Your Pool

In the same way that closing your pool system is a multi-step approach, so is opening. Winterizing plugs is an important part of seasonal closures but failing to open these back up in spring prevents water from passing through, restricting efficiency in the circulation system. At a glance, refilling the water level is as simple as turning on the garden hose but there is more to it than just that. Getting a clean slate for your swim space means breaking down your spring pool care into multiple steps, each of which contributes to an important area of your pool system.

Pool Water: The water inside a pool does not get the same attention over the winter that it does during a warm season and that is very apparent the second that you remove the cover. Cloudy water, green colours, debris floating on surfaces and layered on the pool bottom. Stepping foot into contaminated water can lead to skin irritations, ear and eye infections, and even digestive illness. Using test strips can help to point out chemical imbalances but if you don’t remove the cause of contamination, it will not take long for those same issues to pop back up.

Safety Covers: Pool equipment is often left out in the cold. You might be able to store poles and skimmers and even a vacuum but it is important not to overlook a winter cover. Mesh covers are great for spring and summer because they allow sunlight in and can help to regulate heating. Leaving mesh covers on in winter can create the ideal space for algae to thrive. Swapping these out according to the season is a way to keep your pool in good shape, all year long.

Structures & Mechanisms: Over the course of the winter, your pool system has gone through a lot. Cold weather can lead to unexpected breakage, so it is important to inspect pools before firing up your system for summer. A small tear in a vinyl liner spreads easily. It is possible to patch a small tear but if these go unnoticed, it might result in the need for full liner replacements.

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Results For Your Pool Opening

Puddle technicians are able to help clients make the most out of the summer months. Instead of struggling to keep up with the demands of seasonal pool care, have an expert handle it for you. Experience Puddle Pros have created a multi-step process, performed over days to fulyl clean and restore your pool to the best state possible. Ditch the test kit and call a Pro to balance pool chemicals, inspect drain plugs, vacuum the pool bottom and more.

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