Nepean Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Ontario can quickly shift from a winter wonderland to a scorching temperatures and summer fun. It is easy to become distracted by a changing of the season but your pool should always be a priority. When temperatures drop, a pool closing should be the first thing on your mind, while warm weather signals that it is time to think about opening your pool. Instead of struggling to keep to a schedule, or ending up with subpar results, call a Puddle Pro for your Nepean seasonal pool maintenance.

Seasonal Pool Care: Great Results At Any Time of Year

It is tough to admit that summer is coming to an end but trying to wait out the weather can have a major negative impact on swimming pools. When water systems are neglected, what could have been a minor pool service can quickly turn into a large-scale repair or even the need for replacement.Ditch the risk and make the most out of your system with a bit go help from an expert.

Closing Down: When closing your pool for the winter, it is important to consider how the cold can impact the different aspects of your swim space. The reason that a proper closure is important is that freezing temperatures can cause damage to plumbing, return lines and other internal components. Dropping the water level in an in-ground pool can prevent water from freezing in sensitive areas. Installing water bags are a great way to prevent freezing in above ground pools. Winterizing plugs works alongside these techniques and resources to prevent water from seeping in.

Your Pool Opening: Depending on how early you want to turn on pool heaters, property owners can start to think about opening their systems back up. Making the most of the swimming season means working with the needs of your system, the weather and surrounding areas. Unlike standard chemicals, opening chemicals usually involve a few additional steps, such as application of algaecides, or a shock treatment. Without regular access, practice and treatments, these pool chemicals can be dangerous.

Every piece of your water system plays a role in the overall functionality and visuals of your pool. From crystal clear pool water, to the circulation system and even which pool cover you use leaves a mark. Swapping out a mesh safety cover for a solid one in fall can mean reducing the risk of algae growth, while a mesh surface can help with heating in spring. After years of industry experience, providing these tips and tricks is simple for our Puddle technicians.

Puddle Pool Services: Seasonal Maintenance Done Right

Pool cleaning is an important part of daily operations during the summer but as temperatures dip, there will be less attention put on water systems. Seasonal attention cannot only improve the look of your pool, it can help to protect swimmers. If temperatures fluctuate, you might want to say goodbye to the swimming season with a dip in your pool, but if water is contaminated this is enough to make anyone sick, no matter the time of year.

Calling a Puddle Pro for your pool openings and closings means a sanitary swim space, efficient opening and added curb appeal, as well as value to your property. Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained, very experienced and fully insured to protect properties.

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