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Nothing beats having a backyard pool to kickback in, but cleaning and maintenance can really cut into your leisure time! Skimming, scrubbing and balancing water is the last thing that you want to do during your leisure time, so leave it to the professionals, instead! Calling a Puddle technician for your Nepean pool cleaning means great results, with none of the effort! Anyone can buy a testing kit or toss in a few pool chemicals but putting them to use can be tricky. For the best results, consult an expert.

Taking an amateur or DIY approach to pool care can lead to issues being overlooked. In order for swimming pools to run properly, the internal mechanisms need to be in great shape, as well as surfaces. It takes technical skill to be able to inspect and treat these areas and that is where expert care and attention to detail comes in handy!

What Makes Pool Maintenance So Important?

No one wants to step foot into cloudy water but if the chemistry is off, this is exactly what you will be dealing with. In addition to contaminated water, a lack of regular care and maintenance contributes to the overall health and functionality of a pool system. When you want the best results, it is important to consider what each aspect of your water system does for you:

Pool Water: Test strips are a useful tool to have lying around but these do not always offer a full breakdown of your water chemistry. Understanding chlorine levels is important, but so is monitoring pH levels, total alkalinity and other key factors. There are tons of ways that your water condition can be impacted by the elements, so it is important to test water regularly, as well as keeping an eye on surrounding areas, the presence of phosphates and other potential areas of contamination.

Pool Filter & Circulation System: Your circulation system is a key component of your water system. If floating debris has clogged up your skimmer basket or your pool filter, it takes a lot of effort to properly remove it. This can mean digging deep into filters and cleaning out skimmer baskets. Proper pool cleaning means cleaning out internal areas to prevent unnecessary strain.

Debris: Almost every swim space is outfitted with a pool vacuum or automatic cleaner but these are only able to clean one area of the pool. Lighter debris will often flow along water surfaces, looking terrible, breaking apart and clogging up filters. Heavier debris will sink to the bottom of the pool, resting against the pool liner. Over time, this can lead to permanent straining.

Seasonal Care: Creating a system of routine cleaning is great for a pool system but as the swimming season comes to an end, it is important to make sure that your water system is ready for the winter. A pool closing requires chemical treatments and dropping the water level for in-ground pools while above ground pools require water bags to be installed. A pool opening, on the other hand, requires a multi-part chemical treatment, as well as heavy scrubbing and regular cleaning practices.

When you want to keep your pool cleaner, for longer, just call a Puddle Pro! Unlike your average pool cleaning service, our team of highly trained technicians go above and beyond for the best possible results, at any time of year. With competitive prices, an excellent reputation and a long list of happy customers, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle technician.

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