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Winters in Waterford are tough. Months of sub-zero temperatures are hard on your property — particularly swimming pools. The only place that freezing temperatures and water go together is on the skating rink! In fact, frozen water in a pool can cause serious damage and that is why it is so important to prepare your swim space for the cold season! A professional Waterford pool closing protects water systems from freezing, reduces algae growth and keeps water systems flowing all year long.

It takes more than throwing on a pool cover and tossing in a few winter chemicals to close your pool for the season. When you want to winterize your pool properly, it is important to address swim spaces in a multi-step approach that treats surfaces, as well as the internal water systems that you can’t see.

Why Is It Important to Close Your Pool For Winter?

Homeowners in Waterford can spend weeks preparing their homes and surrounding areas for winter. As soon as fall hits, residents are busy weatherproofing windows, vents and other vulnerable areas — but what about swimming pools? The less a pool is used, the less attention it will get and as it gets colder, this only gets worse. Even a bit of neglect can lead to serious issues with your water system, so let our Puddle Pros help out!

Prevent Freezing: Cold temperatures make plastic brittle and frozen water can cause pipes to burst. As it freezes, water is known to expand up to 9%. This doesn’t sound like a lot but it is enough to cause pipes to burst, which damages not only your pool but can cause water damage, mold, rot and other unexpected damage to surrounding areas. Dropping the water level in an inground pool and winterizing drain plugs keeps water out of sensitive areas. In an above ground pool installing air/water bags has the same result.

Reduce Algae Growth: Preventing algae is difficult when pools are covered and not being used, but our experts have some tricks up our sleeves. For example, switching from a mesh pool cover to a solid winter cover reduces the amount of sunlight that reaches water and reduces the spread of algae growth.

Removing Unwanted Items: Swimming pools are always subject to debris buildup. As time goes on, organic debris will rot and break apart. This means smaller pieces that can clog up cartridge filters and skimmer baskets. When heavier items sink to the bottom of pools, they sit against vinyl liners and leave permanent staining behind.

Easier Openings in Spring: A pool opening means restoring swim spaces to a clean and sanitary state. After sitting stagnant for months, pool owners will likely pull back winter covers only to see something that looks more like a swamp than a swimming pool. A proper pool closing in fall can help to reduce the rate of algae growth, while safety covers prevent debris from reaching water.

Puddle Pool Closing Services: Protecting Your Pool From the Cold

Anyone can grab a simple test kit to balance pool water but there is more to a closing than just that. Keeping a pool running smoothly means having an expert handle your opening and closing for peace of mind that water systems are flowing smoothly. When you want to drain the water, scrub away residue, ditch debris and set the stage for an easier opening in spring, call a Puddle Pro. Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced, as well as being fully insured to protect pools, properties and surrounding areas.

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