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No one wants to admit that summer is coming to an end but when the temperature starts to dip it is time to say goodbye to the swim season. Many pool owners choose to close their pools down following the September long weekend but this might not be the ideal time to winterize your pool. Instead of struggling with an amateur approach or leaving your swim space unprotected over the winter, call a local Puddle Pro! Expert Bolton pool closings protect your swim space from cold weather and make it easier than ever to open your pool in spring. 

A proper pool closing not only protects your pool during the winter and fall season, it keeps your systems and structures in good condition all year long. Each season contributes to the condition of your swimming pool throughout the year so make sure that you are protecting your pool from winter weather by calling Puddle Pool Services. 

Fall Pool Care: What to Expect 

Above ground pools and inground pools might operate the same way but they do have different needs when it comes to a changing of the seasons. Preparing for cold weather is not as simple as throwing on a winter cover and hoping for the best. In order to get the best results for a pool closing, it is important to break the process down into a multi-step approach that addresses the needs of your swim space inside and out. 

Drop the Water Level: When exposed to sub-zero temperatures plastic will become brittle and pool water will freeze. It takes prolonged exposure to freezing conditions for whole pool basins to ice over but internal water systems will freeze over much faster. This puts pool pumps at risk and can cause water inside plumbing and return lines to freeze and expand, which can cause bursting. Instead of dealing with drowned lawns, flooded basements and the need for expensive repairs and replacements, let a Puddle Pro drop your water level to a few inches below the skimmer and winterize your drain plugs to prevent water from reaching vulnerable areas. When dealing with an above ground pool the addition of a specialized chemical program and water bag will prevent freezing.

Winterizing Pool Water: Despite the rumours, Ontario isn’t all cold all of the time. Temperatures can fluctuate, leading to algae growth. A proper application of winter chemicals prevents freezing and reduces the risk of algae growth. A chemical application in fall won’t maintain water chemistry until spring but it will help to mitigate discolourations and algae growth so there is less to correct in spring. 

Removing Debris & Cleaning Filters: Over time organics will rot and break apart and that is what makes unwanted items like leaves, seed pods, pinecones, sticks and pollen such an issue. Closing a pool with unwanted items inside will increased the rate of contamination and encourage unwanted growth and staining. It is also a good idea to check on your pool filter during a closing. A cartridge filter might be removed for storage while a sand filter often stays in play throughout the year. 

Swapping Out Pool Equipment: It is important to remove any detachable accessories that might become damaged. If you forget to remove your pool vacuum before a cold snap you might be dealing with damage. It is common to use a mesh cover during spring/summer to help with heating pool water but leaving these on throughout winter can encourage algae growth. Replacing a mesh cover with a solid winter one limits the amount of sunlight that can reach water and reduces the growth rate of algae inside. 

Puddle Pool Closing Services: Expert Results For Homes & Businesses 

Before you throw on a winter cover or try to drain the water from your pool, consult an expert instead. An improper closing can lead to serious and widespread damage across any property so ditch the trial and error and opt for professional treatments instead. Puddle crews provide expert results, affordable rates and peace of mind through fully insured services. 

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