Bolton Pool Leak Detection

Nothing puts a stop to summer fun faster than a leak in your swimming pool. It’s easy enough to deal with a bit of natural water loss but even a pinhole leak can lead to damage and huge headaches. Whether you are dealing with an above ground pool or an inground model, quick detection can mean the difference between a quick and simple fix and a massive repair or replacement. Call Puddle at the first sign of water loss for quick and reliable Bolton pool leak detection services for homes and commercial spaces. 

Part of what makes it so difficult to detect leaks in your pool is the fact that water loss can also occur naturally. It is important to know the difference and act accordingly so pool leaks aren’t left to get worse over time. 

How to Spot a Leak in Your Pool: What to Watch Out For 

Swimming pools get the most attention during the hotter days of summer. This means more frequent use and more people swimming in it! High heats mean evaporation and lots of swimmers will carry pool water out with them or force it out with dives and cannonballs. It is common to have anywhere between 3-5 inches of water loss over the period of a week. 

One of the main ways to measure water loss is by marking the pool water level and then measuring it again after a few days. There is also the traditional, bucket test which involves filling a bucket with water and setting it next to your swimming pool. Both of these are subject to the same conditions and should experience the same rate of water loss. If the water level in the pool drops significantly more than 3-5 inches it is important to consider the possibility of leak detection and repair. 

Other signs of a swimming pool leak can include higher than usual water bills, the inability to balance water chemistry (no matter how hard you or an expert might try) and, in severe cases, there might be water pooling around swim spaces even when it hasn’t rained. 

Identifying that you are dealing with a pool leak is a great first step to solving the problem but it is just that, a first step. As soon as you know that your swim space is losing water, it is time to call Puddle to track down the cause of the leak and isolate problem areas for repair. 

Puddle Pool Leak Detection Services: Don’t Let Leaks Fly Under the Radar 

Sometimes the cause of your water loss is obvious and other times it is more subtle. If there is a massive crack in your pool wall or a noticeable tear in a vinyl liner, that is probably where your leak is. If you are dealing with corroded pipes or a leaking pool pump, it is a lot less obvious. Luckily, our team of highly trained Puddle Pros offer testing for structures, as well as the internal systems that keep your water flowing.

Pressure Testing: This type of testing is best used for detecting leaks inside pipes, equipment and water systems. It involves applying a steady stream of air to water and return lines. If there is a leak, it will create bubbles when it comes into contact with the air. The bubbles can be tracked visually or in the case of underground leaks it will create gurgling sounds that can be followed. 

Dye Test: In the case of a structural leak, a dye test is a quick and easy way to identify and track cracks in foundations, slab cracks and even tears in vinyl liners. Local pool experts will arrive on-scene, cut the power to the pool pump and wait for the water to go still. Once still, coloured dyes are strategically placed inside pool basins. Dyes are heavy so they will be attracted to the vacuum created by a pool leak. These colours can then be tracked and the problem area identified. 

Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained, experienced and fully insured for peace of mind. In the event that your swim space is in need of a large repair, we can help to organize treatments with reliable services local to Bolton and the surrounding areas. 

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