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Having easy access to a swimming pool can be the difference between having a fun summer and having the best summer ever. A great swim space adds enjoyment and adds value to homes — but only when it is clean! A dirty pool looks terrible, is a safety hazard and can lead to the need for premature repairs and/or replacements. When you want the best results for your swim space, trust Puddle with your Bolton residential pool services and keep systems running smoothly. 

It is easy to take a dip in a public pool, dry off and head home without any stress. Unfortunately, when it comes to pool care at home you are left on your own — until you call Puddle, that is! From removing debris, cleaning pool filters, balancing water chemistry and assessing internal water systems, pool maintenance can feel overwhelming but you’ve got local experts ready to help you out. 

Residential Pool Care: How to Take Care of Your Swim Space 

There are plenty of types of pools on the market, each with their own quirks but when you want to keep water clean, it is important to consider the surroundings as well. Even if you think you have a handle on your pool cleaning, hot temperatures, high growth rates and even traffic can have a major impact on the overall condition of your pool. The best way to keep your swimming pool in good condition is to break the cleaning process down into multiple steps, each of which address a different aspect of your pool care. 

Remove Debris: Even with a pool cover on, it is nearly impossible to stop unwanted items from getting into water systems. It is simple to skim water surfaces removing unwanted items but getting below the surface is more complicated. Robotic pool vacuums aren’t designed to navigate around corners or steps, so relying on these can lead to unexpected buildup. Manual vacuums clean out tough to reach areas, soft bristle brushes scrub away residue around water lines and Puddle technicians empty out sitting debris from skimmer baskets. 

Balance Water Chemistry: If you find yourself staring at cloudy water a shock treatment is a quick and easy way to improve visuals but this doesn’t mean that water is safe to swim in. It is easy to get caught up on chlorine levels but there is more to proper water balance than just that. Sanitizer levels are important but so are pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium levels. A basic testing kit might point out obvious imbalances but keeping your pool water clean and usable means regular water testing and balancing. In the wrong hands, pool chemicals can be dangerous, so it is always best left up to the experts. 

Pool Filters & Circulation Systems: The goal of pool filters is to trap and hold onto small bits and pieces of debris while allowing filtered water to flow through. If filters become clogged or blocked, it will take more force to push water through and that means more energy and more strain on key components like the pool pump. Needing to work harder puts added strain on internal water systems and will shorten their lifespan meaning premature repairs and replacements which are expensive and inconvenient. Cartridge filters need to be removed, cleaned and reinstalled every 3-4 months and sand filters should be emptied out and refilled with clean sand every 3-5 years. 

Seasonal Pool Care: As if routine cleaning isn’t enough, as seasons change, swimming pools are even more demanding. When fall comes around it is important to close water systems down properly to avoid freezing and the possibility of burst pipes. As temperatures begin to warm you might want to dive into your backyard swim space but there is a lot that needs to be done before pools are usable. Professional seasonal pool care means avoiding damage with proper closings and making the most out of the swim season by starting spring on the right foot with a proper opening. 

Puddle Pool Services: Local Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Services That You Can Count On 

If you have always dreamed of owning a pool but weren’t counting on just how demanding a swim space can be, our local experts have got you covered! Each member of the Puddle crew is local to Bolton and the surrounding areas, so we understand what your water systems are up against. Instead of struggling through trial and error, trust the pros to get the best results the first time around! 

In order to best serve our customers, Puddle offers a range of services including routine pool cleaning programs, service calls, deep cleans, seasonal treatments and more. With options for booking online and by phone, there is never a bad time to call Puddle for your next pool treatment. In addition to excellent results, Puddle customers can expect top-notch customer service, affordable rates, transparent pricing and the peace of mind that comes along with fully insured staff and services. 

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