Bolton Hot Tub Maintenance

Adding a hot tub to your home or commercial space adds value and enjoyment but it also adds a lot of maintenance. It is easy to enjoy a tub or spa but keeping them clean can be tough! Whether you use your water system on a daily basis or every once in a while, keeping water clean and sanitary should always be a top priority. You wouldn’t swim in someone else’s bathwater, so why would you step foot into a dirty hot tub? Professional Bolton hot tub maintenance creates a safe space for swimmers and keeps your water systems in great shape. 

Hot tub care is not a one-and-done process but without the right approach can require everyday care. A test kit can help to point out problems with sanitizer levels but they won’t always tell you how to fix them. An amateur approach can mean a superficial improvement but hot tub cleaning requires a quality over quantity approach. Instead of struggling with an amateur approach or dealing with the fallout of a DIY disaster call a local Puddle Pro for affordable and efficient cleaning and care. 

Cleaning Your Hot Tub: The Best Way to Get Results 

Just because your tub is full of warm water doesn’t mean that it is clean. Without proper care you might pull back your spa cover to find cloudy water, discolourations, white mold, algae blooms and foul smells. If your pool has gone green or hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it is important to get rid of contaminants with a deep clean/system refresh. Regular cleaning and water balancing is key to keeping your swim space clean and that is why our Puddle technicians offer routine cleaning programs as well as one-time treatments and seasonal care. 

Routine Cleaning Programs: When you want to the best results for your water system, consistency is key but this can be tough to keep up with. When applied correctly a chemical treatment should last for up to two weeks. This means Puddle technicians have created a bi-weekly cleaning program that caters to water chemistry, debris removal, emptying floating skimmer baskets, and cleaning the filter regularly. It is easy to focus in on sanitizers like chlorine or bromine but applications of hot tub chemicals should also balance pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. 

Hot Tub Refresh: If your hot tub water is looking a little off or you are noticing mold in your system it is time for a deep cleaning. If this is the case you can’t just drain the hot tub, scrub and refill it. There is always bacteria hiding out inside lines and unseen areas. If you just drain and refill water, all of this bacteria and buildup will be pushed back into shells and you are dealing with dirty water all over again. Instead, Puddle technicians apply a speciality multi-part chemical treatment that flows through lines and pulls out buildup and deposits it into spa water. From here, water can be drained and shells, jets and headrests are scrubbed clean. It is then time to refill the hot tub with a simple garden hose and a technician will return for a final water balancing. 

In addition to caring for the water, shells and visible areas it is important to treat internal water systems and ensure that accessories are kept clean. There isn’t much point in cleaning shells and water only to put a contaminated hot tub cover back on. Ask your Puddle Pro about an optional Full Shampoo that cleans exterior areas and covers for a well-rounded clean. Keeping your filter cleaner not only helps to remove debris but eliminates strain on systems to avoid wear and tear. This means water flows smoothly, using less energy and reducing daily running costs. Ask an expert to clean the hut tub filters, sanitize water and keep your system running smoothly. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Spa Care in Bolton 

When you want the best results for your hot tub, ditch the simple test strips and call a local expert to handle the heavy lifting for you. In order to keep up with the demands of hot tubs around homes and commercial properties our Puddle Pros create customized treatment programs that can be bi-weekly, weekly or on an as needed basis.  

In addition to providing excellent results, Puddle Pool Services prides itself on affordable rates and transparent pricing so there is always a program that can fit your needs and your budget. Working with a Puddle technician means expert results, excellent customer service, and the added peace of mind that comes along with fully insured services. With options for booking by phone or online, there is never a bad time to call Puddle. 

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