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When your daily routine goes from fun in the sun to sweaters and seasonal coffee, it is probably time to close your pool for the off-season. When the temperatures begin to drop swimming pools don’t get that much attention but even a bit of neglect can lead to serious issues, all year long. A Vernon pool closing service protects pools from damage, prolongs the lifespan of components and keeps systems running smoothly all year. 

As the fall season comes around it is easy to throw on a winter cover and forget about your swimming pool until spring but this leads to serious headaches. British Columbia is known for mild winters, so pool basins often won’t freeze over entirely. It takes prolonged exposure to sub-zero temperatures to freeze an entire pool but for small amounts of water inside internal systems, it happens much more quickly. Cold temperatures make plastic weak and frozen water can cause pipes to burst, leading to a whole lot of damage and a big issue. Don’t take a chance of DIY disaster or unexpected damage when you can call a Puddle technician for your fall pool care needs. 

Closing Your Pool For Winter: What to Know 

It might be easy to throw on a pool cover in fall and forget about swim spaces until you need them again in spring. The trouble here is that when you want to open your pool in spring, you will be left dealing with the aftermath of months of stagnant water. Untreated water left sitting will quickly lead to algae growth, discolouration, cloudiness and other unpleasant surprises. Closing your pool properly in fall helps to keep pools in great shape and makes for an easier opening in spring. 

By taking a multi-step approach, our Puddle technicians are able to protect pools from the inside, out. 

Step One: The first step to closing your pool is a proper cleaning. Leaving debris sitting on the bottom of your pool means unwanted items sit against liners, causing permanent staining over time. Lighter items will float along water surfaces, rotting and breaking apart over time. These small pieces will fill skimmer baskets and clog up filters and lines. Instead of focusing on chlorine level alone, it is time for an application of winterizing chemicals. 

Step Two: Whether you have an inground pool or an above ground pool, frozen water is not your friend! In an above ground pool, installing an air bag can help to avoid water freezing. When managing an inground pool, it is important to drop the water level so it falls below jets and skimmer lines to avoid damage. Winterizing drain plugs also prevents water from seeping into vulnerable areas. Following this, it is important to flush return lines to remove any sitting water. 

Step Three: In addition to worrying about water, it is important not to overlook the circulation and filtration systems that keep water clean and running. Cartridge filters should be removed, cleaned and replaced every couple of months while sand filters should be emptied and sand replaced every 3-5 years depending on usage. Inspecting return lines, pool pumps and surrounding areas makes sure that different components are in good condition before entering into the cold season.

Optional: Installing safety covers is a great way to keep debris out and the pool area safe. A safety cover is designed to manage the weight of a full-grown adult in the event that someone falls onto the pool surface. This provides peace of mind and a cleaner outlook in spring. 

Fall Pool Care: Closing Isn’t Your Only Option 

In addition to seasonal care, local Puddle Pool technicians offer regular maintenance of swimming pools all year long. If closing isn’t your ideal maintenance plan, Puddle Pros offer off-season treatment programs that keep pools clean and water chemistry balanced all year. Bi-weekly services are affordable and avoid the growth and spread of algae, so opening up in spring is as simple as turning on a heater and hopping on in. 

Each member of the Puddle team is local to your area, highly trained and experienced, as well as fully insured for peace of mind and great results. 

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