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In a commercial environment, pool maintenance is key to keeping swimmers safe and attracting new customers. A swimming pool is an excellent selling feature for any fitness centre, spa, recreation centre, or hotel. Each of these businesses can benefit from expert pool care but our Puddle Pros don’t stop there. Whether you are in the market for routine care for your business or a service call following construction or landscaping projects and even for a realtor getting ready to show a house, Puddle can help! Expert Vernon commercial pool services provide clean and sanitary swim spaces across a wide range of industries. 

At home your swimming pool might see several swimmers on a weekly basis but a commercial pool can have dozens — or even hundreds — of bodies stepping in and out of pool water on a daily basis. This means a much larger rate of contaminants and the need for an increase in cleaning and maintenance and this can be a lot to keep up with. Missing just one cleaning or application of pool chemicals can leave water looking green and unsanitary. Instead of struggling to keep up with the needs of your swim space or wasting time and money on trial and error, have an expert get the best results the first time. 

Commercial Pool Care: Who Can Benefit 

Pool care for businesses doesn’t just revolve around scooping out debris and shocking water every now and then, it is a complex practice that caters to water balance, debris removal, scrubbing sides, checking filters, and monitoring pool equipment and supplies. Caring for a swimming pool in a busy environment can feel like a full-time job and that is in addition to normal day-to-day operations. 

The needs of a swimming pool will change based on the amount of traffic going in and out, high heats, heavy rains and other environmental factors. Even if you’ve created a pool treatment plan in spring, that doesn’t mean that it will be effective throughout summer and into fall. In order to keep swimming pools throughout the Vernon area in great shape Puddle technicians offer a wide range of services that can fit many businesses. 

Post-Construction Clean Up: Following a construction project or a landscaping remodel you can expect dust and dirt in unexpected places — namely in swimming pools! As a contractor you don’t want to present your clients with a dirty pool alongside your finished project. Hiring a pool cleaning company for a one-time cleaning can help to present the best possible results and is considering great customer service. 

Realtor: It is difficult to showcase the beauty of a home when the pool is looking more like a swamp than an inviting swim space. Green water, algae and foul smells make swimming pools seem more like an obstacle than an advantage. Having pools professionally cleaned before a showing means shining a spotlight on a major selling feature. 

Gyms, Fitness Centres, Community Centres: Whether you are a small business or part of a larger corporation keeping swimming pools clean is always a top priority. Keep current members happy and attract new business by starting your own pool cleaning program with a bit of help from our Puddle technicians. 

 Hotel Pool Care: A League of Its Own 

No one can benefit from professional pool cleaning service more than a hotel. It is easy for water quality to drop in a high traffic environment and it is easy to overlook your chemical balances. An outdoor pool is at risk of organic contaminations like leaves, dirt, dust, debris and even insects like indoor models are more prone to man-made contaminations — and bandages! By hiring a professional pool service, businesses can rest easy knowing their pools are in good hands, so you can focus on daily operations. 

The Puddle team leads the pool service industry with excellent results, customer service and affordable rates. Puddle technicians are not only highly trained and experienced, they are fully covered with general liability insurance. By creating customized treatment plans for hotels, motels, inns and other hospitality-based businesses, our experts get the best results, every time. 

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