Vernon Hot Tub Maintenance

Easing into warm water is great for your muscles and for your relaxation but cleaning out a hot tub can be a real pain. Unlike a bathtub, you can’t just reach for harsh chemicals to scrub away stains inside a spa. From getting rid of residue, removing debris and balancing water chemistry, taking care of a tub is a complicated process. Proper Vernon hot tub maintenance keeps water clear, improves function and prolongs the lifespan of your spa. 

Spas might seem simple from the outside but they are complicated systems. Hot tub care doesn’t just revolve around keeping up with chemical levels, it involves cleaning surfaces, equipment and internal water systems. By caring for the internal and external aspects of your hot tub, you are avoiding the need for expensive repairs and replacements but this is easier said than done! Instead of dealing with higher running bills, murky water or health and safety risks, call a local expert for the best possible results. 

Hot Tub Cleaning: What to Know 

In order to get the best results for your hot tub cleaning, it is important to take a multi-step approach to cleaning. Balancing hot tub water with sanitizers like chlorine or bromine is important but this won’t stop residue from forming near water lines or debris from clogging up spa filters. Clogged filters prevent easy water flow and force components like pump and lines to work harder, using more energy and shortening the lifespan of parts. 

Water Care: Contaminated spa water is not only a visual problem, it is an issue of health and safety. If sanitizer levels are low or imbalanced, you can expect to see cloudy or discoloured water. For every body that enters your water, there is something left behind. Everything from sunscreen, hair products, lotions and more will seep off of bodies and leaves a residue line behind on shells. Damp, warm and dark areas are the ideal space for bacteria and algae to thrive and hot tubs fit this bill! Maintaining a sanitary space means balancing sanitizer levels like chlorine or bromine, as well as total alkalinity and calcium levels. 

Debris Removal: In a swimming pool you are likely dealing with flat, open spaces and that makes it easy to vacuum up unwanted items from the bottom of your pool. Getting rid of debris from a spa means having to use speciality hand vacuums to suck up unwanted items from seats, flooring and other complex areas around built-in steps. Floating skimmers are great for collecting small bits and pieces but it is always best to make skimming a part of your regular cleaning routine. 

Keep Your Filter Cleaner: As much as you might try to remove every piece of debris that is floating inside shells, you can’t catch everything and that is where filters come in! Without cleaning the filter regularly it will become clogged up and it is more difficult for water to pass through. A clogged filter cartridge forces pumps and water systems to work harder to force water through lines. This means higher energy usage and utility bills, as well as unnecessary wear and tear to equipment. Regular cleanings remove strain and prevent premature damage or burn-out, along with the need for costly repairs and replacements. 

Deep Cleans: Even with regular cleaning programs, a deep clean keeps your hot tub cleaner, over longer periods. This process involves a drain and refill with heavy scrubbing in-between. It all starts with applying a specialized combination of hot tub chemicals, designed to run through water lines, loosening any buildup that might be inside. This is then deposited back into the spa basin and it is time to drain the hot tub! Once empty, shells, jets and headrests are scrubbed with specialty cleansers and the tub can be refilled with a simple garden hose. After water is refilled, technicians come back to test the water and apply a final chemical treatment. 

Ask our technicians about the optional Full Shampoo Program that cleans the exterior areas as well. This means speciality cleansers, scrubbing and rinsing of shell exteriors, as well as the hot tub cover for a complete clean. 

Puddle Hot Tub Cleaning: Excellent Results For Homes & Businesses 

When you want to keep you water systems running smoothly and looking their best, ditch the simple test strips and call an expert instead. With options for routine cleaning programs, seasonal care, deep cleans and service calls, there is never a bad time to call Puddle for your hot tub care. Don’t hesitate to call a local Puddle Pro to book an appointment, or visit our website and schedule a service instead. 

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