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Vernon is a mountain town, known for its beautiful scenery and there is no better way to enjoy these views than from a poolside. There are plenty of ways to enjoy swimming pools, but only one sure-fire way to get them clean — by calling a Puddle Pro! Instead of struggling to keep up with demanding maintenance schedules and the needs of your water systems, have an expert handle it for you. Professional Vernon pool cleaning helps to keep water crystal clear, pool pumps and motors are running smoothly and swimmers are safe, no matter the time of year.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy a pool, both at home or in a shared/commercial environment. Depending on the time of year, even a backyard water system can become a high traffic environment. With each body that passes through your water system, there are things left behind. From hair oils to body products, organic debris like leaves and sticks and other unexpected contaminants (think spills at a barbecue!), monitoring your pool can feel like a full-time job, so leave it to our experts instead.

The Importance of Regular Pool Care

No one wants to step foot into a pool system when it has murky water or algae blooms. As a property owner or manager, it is important to provide a safe and sanitary swim space for friends, family, tenants or customers. A pool is an investment in your enjoyment, as well as an investment in your property. Professional cleaning and maintenance services cannot only improve visual appeal, but it can help to increase functionality and reduce the risk of damage to pool systems and surrounding areas.

Balancing Pool Chemicals: Whether working with swimming pools or hot tubs, water condition is always a key feature of any swim space. When chemicals are imbalanced, you might begin to notice cloudy water, stains, discolouration or even more negative effects, like recreational water illnesses RWIs. It is easy enough to grab a basic testing kit from any pool supply store but reading these and putting the information to use requires technical skill. Test strips might give you insight into chlorine levels, but it is important to monitor pH levels, alkalinity, and more. If you are dealing with algae, it is important to apply algaecides in order to get rid of the cause and symptom of this invasive growth.

Monitoring Filtration Systems: Circulation systems and pool filters often don’t get the attention that they deserve. Cleaning out a skimmer basket can help to deal with obvious floating debris but it is always important to dig deep into systems, ensuring there are no blockages behind the scenes. Any time a clog forms around a circulation system, it forces internal mechanisms to work harder, putting strain on your system. If your circulation system is struggling, chemicals aren’t being dispersed properly, paving the way for contamination.

Checking Up On Structures: No matter the type of pool that you are working with, it is important to make sure that structures are in great shape, at any time of year. When managing a vinyl liner, it is possible to experience small tears that will become larger if not repaired quickly. If there are tears in liners, it will allow water to pass through, gaining access to foundations and could potentially lead to leaks, flooding, water damage and other unexpected issues.

Puddle Pool Cleaning Services: Great Results Every Time

Caring for water systems can be stressful and overwhelming for pool owners. Pools and hot tubs are meant to be enjoyed, but it is hard to do that when you are spending all of your leisure time skimming, scrubbing and water testing. Expert cleaning services can boost curb appeal, create a sanitary swim space and help to prolong the lifespan of your mechanisms.

Puddle Pool Services is not your average pool cleaner. Instead of becoming caught up on pool water alone, our team of highly trained technicians create a customized plan according to the age, condition and unique needs of your pool system. Puddle technicians are local to your area, so we know exactly what your water system is up against. Instead of struggling through trial and error, let an experienced pool specialist take control of your conditions and upkeep.

By providing weekly maintenance, as well as seasonal care and deep cleans, Puddle pros can encourage a healthy swim space all year long. Fully insured practices provide great results, as well as peace of mind to clients.

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