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After a cold rainy winter pool owners want to get their swim spaces up and running as soon as warm weather hits. After months of sitting idle, pool water will be full of contaminations and algae growth and is overall unsafe to swim in — until you call Puddle, that is! Professional Vernon pool opening services restore water condition with efficient and affordable seasonal care. 

During spring and summer, pool maintenance is a top priority but you can’t just pull back a pool cover after the off-season and expect to shock your pool and hop on in. Stagnant water is prone to contamination. Even with a pool cover on, debris has a way of sneaking inside water systems. In spring, pool water will be full of debris, discoloured water, algae growth, terrible smells and be harbouring a ton of bacteria. Stepping foot into a contaminated swim space can lead to serious health and safety risks. After months of sitting still, shocking the pool isn’t enough to restore condition but one call to our Puddle Pros can get the job done for you! 

Spring Pool Care: What to Do & When 

Many pool owners try to open their water systems on a schedule but this isn’t always the best course of action. The weather in Vernon can be unpredictable. Closing down on the September long weekend can mean missing out on great swim days and opening up on the May long weekend can mean opening too early and experiencing damage caused by cold snaps. When the average outdoor temperature reaches 21 degrees, it is safe to open your pool for the season. 

In order to get the best results for a pool services, it is important to break openings down into a multi-step approach for excellent results inside and out. 

Step 1: Pulling back pool covers after the cold and rainy season usually means seeing green water and a ton of algae blooms. When water is green, it is impossible to get a full view of what is going on below the surfaces. The first step to restoring pool condition is to shock water to eliminate some of this discolouration and get a better view of what is going on in your pool. 

Step 2: You can’t achieve a clean pool if there is a ton of debris floating on water surfaces or sitting at the bottom. Getting rid of debris means skimming out floating items, emptying skimmer baskets, vacuuming pool bottoms and heavy scrubbing to remove any residue that has formed on pool walls, stairs and other areas. 

Step 3: During a pool closing, water levels were likely dropped to prevent freezing and damage. It is important to restore water and undo anything that was done on closing to make sure your swim space is ready for spring. You don’t need a special tool to restore water levels, all you have to do is grab a garden hose and let it run until pool water reaches the skimmer line. Winterizing plugs is common practice in fall so they will need to be opened back up to ensure that water can pass through smoothly. If any detachable components were removed, dried and stored for the off-season, they should be replaced and systems fired up. 

Step 4: Swimming pools are complicated structures with many moving parts. It is easy to become focused on pool water alone but overlooking the pool filter or circulation systems can lead to serious damage. Having an expert check your pool pump and filter means keeping it clean and in good, working order to avoid future damage. If a filter is clogged it will force water to work harder to pass through, straining your system and driving up energy bills. Keeping your pool clean benefits the swim space itself, as well as reducing daily operating costs.

A trained eye can also perform visual inspections of pools and surrounding areas to ensure that your poolside is safe. For example, a small tear in a vinyl liner leads to water loss and damage but it can be tough to spot these problem areas. A Puddle technician knows what to watch out for and even offers pool leak detection in the event that there is a problem. For pool equipment like staircases, railings and diving boards, a bit of loosening can be a health hazard so ask an expert to perform visual inspections to point out any obvious issues. 

Puddle Pool Services: Getting Your Pools Ready For Spring 

When you want to make the most out of the warm weather and swim season, ditch the basic test strips and call a Puddle technician instead. Our team of pool specialists not only remove any debris from your system, balance your chlorine level and restore water condition, we provide multi-step chemical treatments to dig deep into return lines, components and internal water systems to make sure that your systems are clean inside and out. 

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Vernon area so we know what your systems are up against. Highly trained and experienced staff and fully insured services provide peace of mind and excellent results. Don’t rely on a test kit when local specialists provide efficient and affordable pool services ranging from routine care, seasonal treatments, pool inspections and even pool leak detection. 

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