Vernon Pool Leak Detection

There is a big difference between a dripping faucet and swimming pool leaks. Because pools hold thousands of gallons of water at any given time, even a pinhole leak can lead to a serious issue, not only for the swim space but for the surrounding area as well. If you suspect that you are losing water, don’t hesitate to call Puddle for your Vernon pool leak detection services. 

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Services: What to Expect 

The first step to any pool leak detection service is to determine whether you are dealing with a leak at all! Water loss in pools can happen naturally or it can be caused by physical damage or failing equipment. If you are dealing with high heats and a high level of swimmers, it is completely normal to experience 3-5 inches of water loss over the course of a week. If you are noticing more than this or are finding yourself refilling your pool on a daily basis, you might be dealing with a leak. 

If you are unable to gauge whether or not your pool water level is dropping at an unusual rate, a bucket test might be in order. This process involves filling a bucket of water next to your pool and having to mark the water level in each. The pool shouldn’t be used during this period. When exposed to same conditions, the water should drop by the same level in each. If the swimming pool has lost more water than this, it is time for more in-depth testing. 

Pressure Tests: This type of testing is best when looking for a plumbing leak. The process involves applying a steady stream of air to water lines. If air comes into contact with a crack or opening, it will create air bubbles in return lines. In the case of an underground leak, you might hear gurgling sounds coming from saturated soils. 

Dye Testing: When testing for structural pool leaks, a dye test is your best friend! The first step is to turn off the pool pump and wait until water goes still. Once still, coloured dyes are strategically placed inside pool water. Because dyes weigh more than pool water they are naturally attracted to leaks. The colour can be followed visually right to the source of the problem, usually a tear in the pool liner or a structural crack. 

Puddle Pools Services: Leak Detection in Pools Made Easy 

If you are noticing water loss, a higher water bill or, in extreme cases, pooling water around your swim space, don’t hesitate to call Puddle. In addition to expert and in-depth testing and results, Puddle technicians provide referrals to local specialists for all of your pool leak repairs. 

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