Waterdown Pool Closing

When the weather begins to warm, opening your pool is often priority number one for property owners. This might mean opening up your backyard system, or it can mean setting up a communal swim space around a condo or hotel, but in either case, the key to an easy opening, is a professional closing. A professional Waterdown pool closing can set the stage for success in spring, but it can also help to protect your system, prolonging its lifespan and reducing the need for repair costs.

Maintaining the condition of your hot tub and spa means in-depth care, both in warmer temperatures and during winter months. One of the main aspects of seasonal pool care is the closing process, which, when done correctly, can be great for your system, but an amateur approach can have a negative impact on your pool itself, but also on the surrounding area. When you are ready to winterize your swimming pool, call the team with years of experience and a great track record, to get the best results possible.

Closing Your Pool For Winter: Why Choose Professional Care

Everyone loves a skating rink in winter, but you do not want your pool transforming into a frozen surface. A bit of ice formation is expected, depending on the time of year and style of your pool or water feature, but without proper precautions, this can lead to serious damage. As cold weather rolls in, it is important to drop the water level in your system, so it falls below the jets and skimmers. This prevents water from entering into these sensitive areas and freezing.

Unlike a bathtub, removing water from your pool system takes more than pulling out a drain plug and watching the water level drop. Improper drainage can mean drowned lawns, as well as significant damage to homes, in the form of water damage, leaks and rotten materials. Avoid DIY disaster by calling an expert to drain your inground or above ground pool.

The internal mechanisms of your pool are often “out of sight, out of mind” but keeping these in good working order is key to keeping your system running. If your filters or circulation systems are struggling, it will put added strain on your system, causing unnecessary wear and tear, which results in the need for costly repairs and replacements. It can take a long time, and a lot of trial and error to figure out exactly how to treat your filtration system, because each of these has its own unique needs. From a basic cartridge filter to a sand filter, our experts can handle it all!

Safety covers are a key components of a safe pool space, but do you know that these need to be switched out on a seasonal rotation? Summer covers are often mesh and designed to let light in, helping to warm pool water. Letting sunlight in during winter months, creates an ideal space for algae to form. Winter covers are solid, preventing light from coming in, reducing risk of algae and working to keep pool water clean.

The Best Results For Your Pool Closing Service

Standard pool cleaning works to balance water chemistry and chlorine levels, but as the seasons change, so do the needs of your system. Just covering the pool for the season is not enough to keep your system in good, working order. When you pull back that cover in spring, you can experience algae, foul smells and other unpleasant and unexpected surprises. Calling a professional pool service can help to avoid unnecessary damage with great technique and the right pool equipment to get great results.

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