Waterdown Pool Opening

It can be tough to keep up with the climate in Ontario, particularly in winter! On a freezing night, it is easy to dream about sitting poolside in the sunshine, and our Puddle Pros want to help. Professional Waterdown pool opening services help to take your water system from stained and stagnant, to clean and inviting. A prolonged pool opening eats up summer days, but expert care means making the most out of the season, while boosting curb appeal and protecting structures from unexpected damage.

Every year, property owners pull back their pool cover, only to be met with stains, algae growth, debris and cloudy water. Throwing in a shock treatment might help to improve the look of your swim space, but that doesn’t make it clean. Nothing will ruin the swimming season faster than an ear infection, stomach illness or skin irritation. Ditch the risk and protect your guests with expert care from a local technician.

What to Do Before You Open Your Pool

Unlike a basic kiddie pool, you can’t just grab a garden hose and fill pool basins. There are plenty of moving parts that keep your water systems running and each of these need to be addressed as part of your spring pool care routine. It is obvious that it is important skim water surfaces and vacuum the pool bottom, but there is more to a pool opening than meets the eye.

Pool Equipment: When you close your pool, it is common practice to winterize drain plugs, so water cannot pass through. As water collects and freezes, it causes plastics to become brittle, leads to expansion and, in some cases, can cause pipes to burst. In the same way that algae can form on pool walls, stairs and water surfaces, it can form on concrete and diving boards. Algae makes surfaces slippery and can lead to slips, falls and serious injury.

Water Levels: Whether you are looking to open, close or maintain, it is always important to keep an eye on water levels. With cold weather on the horizon, dropping water levels can protect inner mechanisms, but in order for your filtration system to work, dropped water will need to be replaced.

Pool Water: Dealing with debris is the first step to any pool maintenance practice. Swimming pools are prone to collecting debris from surrounding plant life during a high wind or heavy rain. It does not take much for skimmer baskets to become full and bacteria to build up. In spring, you are likely to remove the cover only to see cloudy water, stains or algae. Test strips can identify some basic issues, but having your water tested by an expert digs deep into the condition and chemical levels of your pool water.

Pump and Filter Care: Pool filters are extremely important aspects of any water system but they often don’t get the attention that they deserve. When filters are full or in poor condition, they have a widespread negative impact on your swim space. Pressure gauges can help to identify when the sand inside a sand filter needs to be replaced, and cartridges need to be swapped out.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results, Every Time

Each member of the Puddle team is local to your area, so we understand how important it is to enjoy the warm weather. After years of industry experience, on-going training and access to top of the line equipment, there is nothing that our team of technicians can’t handle. Fully insured services provide peace of mind, as well as excellent results for pools and hot tubs across the Watertown area.

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