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New Westminster might offer beautiful views of the Fraser River but you can’t swim in it! When you want to beat the heat in summer, a backyard pool is an excellent way of doing that. It is easy to enjoy a swim space when the sun is out but when the weather cools, they can become a burden. Instead of delaying your fall pool care, handle it head-on with a bit of help from a Puddle Pro. Professional New Westminster pool closing services protect pools from the cold, prolongs the lifespan of your water systems and lets owners relax and enjoy the fall season. When you are looking for affordable rates, excellent results and expert customer service, our Puddle Pros have got you covered!

The most common reasons to close your pool are to winterize swimming pools or prepare for long periods of disuse. If you are getting ready to have an extended vacation, closing your swim space is a better option than letting it sit stagnant. Without expert pool services you can expect algae growth, damage and a whole lot of headaches. Ditch the risk of amateur care, or no care at all, and call a Puddle technician.

How Professional Pool Care Benefits Your Swim Space

Every year, pool owners try to take pool cleaning into their own hands. While a DIY approach might seem to be a cost-effective alternative to hiring a cleaning company, this isn’t always the case — particularly when it comes time to winterize your pool. A DIY approach to closing a pool for the season can lead to serious issues in spring. Expert pool care takes a multi-step, catered approach to address the unique features of your swimming pool.

Filters & Equipment: Freezing temperatures make plastic brittle and cause damage to internal mechanisms and components. A functional filtration and circulation system is necessary to keeping water clean. During a pool closing, detachable components should be removed, dried and stored for the winter. Winterizing drain plugs is another efficient way to keep water out of sensitive areas. The additional step to blow out the lines and removing water prevents freezing.

Pool Water: Keeping your pool covered during the winter is a no-brainer but it makes it more difficult to assess the condition of pool water. Applying winterizing chemicals can help to reduce the rate of algae growth and prevent freezing during extreme temperatures. It is also a good idea to drop water levels to fall below jets and skimmers, preventing freezing inside systems.

Visual Inspections: A trained eye can spot small issues before they turn into disasters. For example, a shift in temperature can have a big impact on your pool. A small tear in a vinyl liner will grow and become worse. Having an expert close your pool means having a trained eye overseeing these areas, pointing out problem areas and organizing small repairs so they don’t become disasters.

In addition to inspections and treatments, Puddle technicians offer helpful tips and tricks to protect pools, while preventing algae. Something as simple as switching out mesh spring covers for solid winter covers can reduce growth rates by restricting the amount of sunlight and heat that is able to reach water.

The Puddle Guarantee: Protecting Pools Through the Winter

In an environment like the Canada Games Pool or an aquatic and community centre, there are whole teams working on pool care and maintenance throughout the year. For smaller areas and residential pools, owners are often left on their own and that makes closures a serious pain. Unlike using a test kit to manage water chemistry during the summer months but closing down for winter requires more than a quick look at chlorine levels.

After years of experience in the industry, our Puddle technicians know that all the different components of your pool work together, so we provide insight into liners, return lines, pool pumps, cartridge or sand filters and more. Each member of the team is fully insured to protect pools, properties and surrounding areas.

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Kat from Puddle Pool Services is great. She’s punctual, thorough and always does a great job. My pool and spa have never looked better!

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I am so happy we found Puddle Pool Services to maintain our pool and hot tub year round. Kat is hard-working, reliable and always professional. I cant thank her enough for the peace of mind she provides with her amazing service!

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I have been using Puddle Pool services for several months now and have been very impressed with their approach. They show up as scheduled, give a good summary of what they did and keep our hot tub looking great for a fair price. Highly recommend Mark in Vancouver

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Puddle Pool Services is an outstanding pool service company. I have scheduled monthly pool maintenance with them. They are always in time and do their job professionally. Highly recommended. y provided me with a couple options, explained the difference and recommended the right fit to keep our hot tub in great shape all season long. One of the best customer service experiences I have had.

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I've been working with Puddle Pool Services for 2 years now. They do exceptional quality work, have more than fair prices, are very knowledgeable and our pool has been in good shape. They stick with the job and make sure it’s done right. I highly recommend Puddle Pool Services for all your swimming pool needs.

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