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New Westminster Hot Tub Cleaning

Water features can be a great addition to any property. Whether in a communal space or a private backyard, these additions boost curb appeal and add to the enjoyment of anyone who uses them. A hot water dip can aid with relaxation, improve circulation and has added health benefits but these come along with a lot of tub maintenance.

More than skimming out floating debris, regular care and cleaning is a complicated process. From scrubbing sides, covers and floors to inspecting circulation systems, you can trust a Puddle specialist to treat bacteria and test the water in your feature. Proper New Westminster hot tub maintenance can preserve materials and create a safe and healthy space.

The Importance of Regular Hot Tub Cleaning

A hot tub or spa is not only nice to use but it is a beneficial addition to any property. These features are huge draws for homes and rental properties as well and communal and commercial spaces – but that is only if they are clean! A clean spa is a happy spa but regular care can also help to preserve your investment.

Everyone is familiar with floating debris but a there is more to keeping a tub clean than just skimming the top. These features are some of the hardest appliances to keep clean, around any space. The reason for this is that there are constantly foreign materials being introduced into your hot tub water.

With every person that dips a toe in your spa, there are skin cells, body lotions and even hair care products being brought into the water. These products can leave residue behind, which can build up along surfaces, creating a lot of grime. This is where the importance of a proper circulation system is so very apparent, along with balancing sanitizer levels and chlorine or bromine.

More Than a Surface-Level Clean

Hot tub filters and skimmer baskets are often overlooked. It is easy to toss in a chlorine puck or reach for a scrub brush but if you are not paying attention to these areas, you can’t get the best results. Inspecting and testing a filtration system is key to success. When you want to keep your filter cleaner, for a longer period of time, trust the experts.

When it comes to water balance, getting the right results means having to do more than just add chemicals. It is possible to run into any garden centre to pick up a test kit but test strips can only take you so far. Imbalanced hot tub chemicals can lead to algae growth or skin irritations.

There are two ways to clean your water feature: through a spot cleaning and with a thorough scrub down of an empty spa. Draining your hot tub without the right technique is never a good idea. Unleashing a ton of chemically-treated water into yards or across lawns can cause serious damage to your green spaces.

Most hot tub owners are more interested in simmering in warm water, as opposed to taking apart their systems for an in-depth clean. Luckily, there is a Puddle specialist in your area ready to set chemical levels right and keep bacteria at bay. Enjoy your leisure time and let an expert handle the hard work!

What a Puddle Specialist Can Do For You

Your filtration system comes along with a lot of moving parts. There is always organic debris that is falling from surrounding plant life, cluttering up surfaces and clogging up filters. For the most part, this consists of leaves, needles or seed pods and that is why our experts pay special attention to filters and circulation systems.

Neglecting a full clean of your hot tub can cause damage to filtration systems, as well as the surface of walls or flooring. No one wants to jump into a stained hot tub! Instead of waiting until things get out of hand, call a Puddle specialist for a top to bottom clean including shells and hot tub covers.

Locally owned and operated pool services can be made to accommodate hot tubs that are used daily or rarely, with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service options.

New Westminster Hot Tub Cleaning

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