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New Westminster Seasonal Pool Maintenance

The west coast might be home to some of the most mild winters in Canada, but it certainly isn’t summer all year long! As seasons change, so do the conditions and needs of your swimming pool. Instead of struggling to keep up with changing temperatures and other elements, let our Puddle Pool specialists handle your New Westminster seasonal pool maintenance.

Seasonal Maintenance: Opening Up

As warm weather and spring temperatures begin to roll through communities, it is easy to be impatient for your pool use. Having a water feature right in your backyard is great as an investment and for taking a dip but there is a right time to open up. In order to get the best results from your opening, there are a few steps that have to be taken first.

Keeping water features in top shape means treating water as well as cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and flooring. In an ideal case, an expert would open your pool three weeks before any actual use. During this time, filters and skimmer baskets are inspected, walls and flooring are scrubbed and shock treatments should be applied.

There is no shame in being excited for that first jump into your pool, but there is a waiting period between opening and hitting the water. If you are impatient, a scheduled opening might be right for you! All you have to do is pick a date and book an appointment with our Puddle specialists and your pool is as good as ready for summer.

Closing Your Pool for the Winter

The end of summer brings a wet season which can effect your pool! British Columbia is known for its rainy season and a heavy rain fall can cause a massive shift in your water chemistry. A shift in water levels will also impact the effectiveness of sanitizers or chlorine levels.

As temperatures begin to drop, some property owners are quick to empty their in-ground or above ground pools. Improper drainage of pools or hot tubs can cause damage to lawns or yards around water features. Your pool’s water is full of chemicals so just releasing a valve allows these chemicals to seep into the ground, contaminating greenery.

When preparing to maintain your pool through winter, covers have to be serviced, in addition to other pool equipment. Improperly balanced water can cause damage to pool equipment like ladders, bolts, lights and other metal areas. By choosing a professional service over DIY options, you can rest assured that your property is safe from unnecessary damage.

Choosing Professional Pool Care

Whether it is routine pool cleaning or an opening and closing, DIY treatments often end in disaster. When you want the best results without the risk, call a Puddle specialist today. Clutter collecting on pool covers, residue on surfaces or algae growth can all have a negative impact on  not only your feature, but on your health.

Locally owned and operated services provide prompt services and access to information and after-care. Puddle Pools staff are fully insured so peace of mind is a given when choosing our Puddle crews. Call today to book an appointment with one of our Puddle specialists, and get your pool up and running, or put it to bed with our New Westminster seasonal pool maintenance.

New Westminster Seasonal Pool Maintenance

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