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Vancouver Pool Cleaning

Taking a dip in a pool is a great way to cool down in summer or stay in shape year-round. As nice as swimming pools may be, keeping these water features running smoothy can be a real pain! Regular care and maintenance means more than refilling spas and skimming debris from water surfaces now and then – but our specialists are here to help! 

Regular Vancouver pool cleaning services prevent bacterial growth, limit the need for repairs and can even extend the lifespan of your pool and spa. If you are having a hard time keeping up with the demand for your indoor or outdoor pool, call the experts to handle it for you! Puddle Pool crews service homes, private pools, communal properties and even commercial areas like hotels and recreation centres. 

Pool Cleaning Services: Why Call the Pros? 

Calling professional pool maintenance services means being able to enjoy all the benefits of owning a water feature without any of the hassle. For many property owners, the only cleaning that they do is flipping the switch on an automated vacuum or working with a skimmer. These tools are necessary but they aren’t able to scrub walls or flooring. 

Over time, pools and hot tubs collect residue on walls and floors, left behind by sunscreen and lotions. Ditch discolouration and prevent damage by inviting in experts with the right training, equipment and chemical approach. Puddle Pool services include scrubbing, vacuuming, cleaning filters and skimmer baskets in order to keep your pool in great condition throughout the year. 

What To Expect From A Puddle Specialist

There are a ton of different types of pools throughout Vancouver. Some of these might be standard in-ground backyard pools while others might be community pools located in public spaces or multi-unit residences. No matter where you find these pools, they all have one thing in common: they need routine cleaning. 

Regularly scheduled cleaning can make a world of difference to the curb appeal and condition of your pool area. So, how often should you clean your pool? Depending on your rate of use, pools can be cleaned anywhere from weekly to monthly. This is why, in addition to excellent customer service, Puddle Pool Services offer a range of service options to best suit your space. 

Vancouver Pool Cleaning

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