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From October to April, Ontario is known as a winter wonderland. While you are bundling up in snow suits your swimming pools are left out in the cold — literally! For people the cold weather might bring on a chill, cold or flu but for swimming pools it can mean serious damage, not only to water systems but surrounding areas as well. Sub-zero temperatures can cause pipes to burst, components to break down and lead to expensive repairs and replacements but our Puddle Pros are here to help! Professional St. Thomas pool closing services protect your pool for the winter and set the stage for an easier opening in spring, all at an affordable rate. 

During fall, pool care isn’t a top priority. After all, why worry about a swimming pool that you aren’t using? Pools are built to be tough but they aren’t invincible and even a bit of neglect can have a serious and long-lasting impact on the overall condition of your swim space. Failing to winterize your pool for the off-season means protecting it from unexpected damage, preventing freezing and reducing the rate of algae growth and makes for an easier opening in spring! 

The Best Way to Close Your Pool: A Multi-Step Approach 

When the temperature begins to drop it is tempting to throw on a winter cover and forget about your pool until spring comes back around. This might seem like the simplest option but it can have serious consequences for the overall condition of your swim space, not only the pool water itself but the internal systems that keep it running. 

Ontario is known for frigid winters and while you might like spending your afternoons out on the ice rink, you shouldn’t be able to skate on your pool! When exposed to freezing temperatures plastic will become brittle and weak, leading to breakage. It might take prolonged exposed to extreme cold for pool basins to completely freeze over but for smaller amounts of water inside systems, this happens a lot faster. When left to sit in pipes, water expands up to 9% and this is enough to cause pipes to burst. 

Step 1: The secret to any pool closing is a thorough cleaning before shutting systems down. The fall season creates a ton of debris and letting this sit in your system will lead to a big headache. Lighter items will float along water surfaces where they will clog up skimmer baskets, rot and break apart, becoming harder to remove and creating clogs and blockages around pool filters. Removing debris is a great step to keeping your pool clean over a longer period. 

Step 2: Protecting your internal water systems depends on dropping the water level in your swimming pool. By draining some pool water so the water level falls a few inches below the jets and skimmer line means water cannot reach vulnerable areas where it might freeze and cause damage. Taking an improper approach to drain the water from your pool can lead to drowned lawns and/or flooded structures so it is important to leave this step to the experts. Winterizing drain plugs and flushing return lines is another way to keep water out of internal systems. 

Step 3: For those swimming pools with detachable components it is important to remove these so they can be dried and stored for winter. This is also an ideal time to perform assessments of necessary components like your pool pump and filters to ensure that everything is in good condition. You might decide to remove cartridge filters for storage but this isn’t possible when dealing with sand filters. A quick view of your pressure gauge is often enough to let you know if sand needs to be emptied and replaced with new sand. 

Step 4: A proper application of winterizing chemicals should be applied before throwing on a pool cover. A chemical treatment plan prevents algae growth but it also lowers the risk of freezing for peace of mind and healthier water systems. 

Keeping up with water chemistry might be a top priority during the swim season but a simple test kit isn’t enough to keep up with preparing for the off-season. Some tools are key to keeping your systems in great shape and this is true of your pool cover as well. Something as simple as swapping out a mesh cover for a solid winter one will have a huge impact on the rate of algae and contamination. Taking an amateur approach to your pool closing can lead to serious issues so let our Puddle Pros handle your inground and above ground pool closings for you! 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Seasonal Care in St. Thomas 

Our team of local Puddle technicians are able to provide thorough and in-depth pool closings throughout the St. Thomas area. After years of experience in the industry, combined with on-going training and access to top industry tools and resources our team of specialists can treat swim spaces of all shapes and sizes around homes and commercial spaces. 

By offering a wide range of service options, our Puddle crews are able to provide routine pool care, seasonal treatments like pool closings and pool openings, as well as inspections and pool leak detection to keep your water systems in great shape all year long. 

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