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Having a pool at home can help to make memorable summers but you don’t want to waste sunny days on skimming, scrubbing and water balancing. Swimming pools might seem simple from the outset but the reality is that they are made up of complex systems, each of which have their own needs. If you find yourself dealing with cloudy water or a lot of debris, it is time to call an expert. Pool owners can maintain their swim spaces with affordable and efficient St. Thomas residential pool services from local Puddle technicians. 

Pool maintenance should not be a one-size-fits-all approach but needs a customized approach that caters to your style of pool as well as the surrounding areas. For an outdoor pool something as common as heavy rains or high heats can throw your pool chemistry out of balance. Instead of building a pool program and sticking to it, your routine will need to change with the weather patterns and with the season — but this is a lot to keep up with! If you are feeling overwhelmed by your pool care routine, aren’t seeing the results that you want or just don’t feel like cleaning your water systems, call Puddle today! 

Pool Care at Home: A Multi-Step Approach 

In an ideal world, cleaning your pool would be as simple as skimming out floating debris and applying a shock treatment but this just isn’t the case. When you want the best results for your residential pool care routine, it needs to be done in multiple steps, each of which address a different aspect of the cleaning process. 

Maintaining Water Chemistry: Without regular application of pool chemicals, water will be contaminated before you know it. Basic test strips might alert you to issues with sanitizers like low chlorine levels but there is more to water balancing than that. In order to keep your pool cleaner it is important to monitor pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. High heats cause evaporation while heavy rains can dilute applied chemicals, making them less effective. If you are dealing with a high traffic weekend, every body that enters your pool water will leave things behind and will cause water to become imbalanced. In order to keep up with the shifting needs of your swim space, it is important to test water regularly and balance chemicals to maintain a safe space for swimmers. 

Dealing with Debris: It is easy to run a skimmer over water surfaces collecting unwanted items as you go or turn on a pool vacuum but these often aren’t enough to remove debris completely from water systems. Lighter items will float along water surfaces while heavier items will sink to the bottom of the pool. Floating items will rot and break apart, clogging up skimmer baskets and causing clogs and blockages around pool filters and inside water systems. Sunken items will break apart as well and when left to rot against vinyl liners will leave permanent staining behind. 

Filtration & Circulation Systems: If your pool pump stops working, you might not notice right away but the effects on your pool water will start to form immediately. If pool water isn’t circulating, neither are your chemicals. Keeping track of your pool equipment and components is easier said than done but even a bit of neglect will have a huge ripple effect throughout your swimming pool. Cartridge filters should be removed, cleaned and replaced every 3-4 months while a sand filter should be emptied and replaced with new sand every 3-5 years. Calling an expert for your pool care at home means having a professional clean the filter to make sure that systems are running smoothly. 

Seasonal Treatments: The needs of your swimming pool will change with the seasons. Failing to close down in winter means dealing with severe algae growth and unexpected damage while an improper opening poses risks to health and safety. In addition to keeping swimmers safe, proper seasonal pool care can help to protect the integrity of structures, equipment and internal water systems from weakening and breakage. It might seem easy enough to drop the water level in your pool to prevent freezing but an improper draining can lead to drowned lawns and flooded structures, so it is always better to leave this up to the experts. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Pool Care Brought Right to Your Front Door 

When you want the best results for your swimming pool, ditch the basic test kit and call an expert instead. Each member of the Puddle team is local to the St. Thomas area and understands what your water systems are up against. Our crews are highly trained and experienced in providing excellent results to pools of all shapes, sizes and styles all across the St. Thomas area. 

Every swim space is unique and that means the need for customized treatment plans for every one of our customers. During the summer months Puddle experts provide weekly services that test and balance pool water, remove debris and inspect the condition of pool filters and return lines. A trained eye can spot even the smallest existing issues as well as advise on how to prevent future issues. 

With options for routine cleaning programs, one time service calls, seasonal care, pool inspections and pool leak detection, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle technician to keep your swim space in great shape. Puddle technicians provide reliable services, as well as affordable rates and transparent pricing so you are never surprised with a high bill. 

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