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A quick dip in a swimming pool is a great way to beat the heat in summer, host a pool party, exercise and even relax. There are plenty of benefits to pool ownership but having to keep them clean isn’t one of them. Taking care of a pool might seem simple from the outside but it is a much more complicated process than meets the eye. From water balancing, debris removal, scrubbing away residue and keeping an eye on filtration systems, pool chores add up! If you are having a hard time keeping up with a demanding swim space, call Puddle for your St. Thomas pool cleaning needs. 

Every year pool owners in St. Thomas rely on robotic pool cleaners and basic testing kits to keep their swim spaces in good condition, but this often isn’t enough. Anyone can visit a pool supply store to stock up on testing kits and pool chemicals but putting them to use means needing technical knowledge. It can take weeks or even months of trial and error to dial in your pool care routine and during this time, your water is becoming contaminated and your internal water systems are struggling. Instead of settling for subpar results or wasting time, energy and money on unnecessary supplies, call Puddle for efficient and affordable pool cleaning services: 

Pool Maintenance: Building a Treatment Plan That Works 

The needs of a swimming pool are directly impacted by the elements and surrounding areas. When temperatures are high chemicals will burn off faster, throwing water off balance and the same thing happens when it rains. Even the amount of traffic stepping in and out of your pool water will have an impact on overall water condition. In addition to keeping water clean, removing debris and regular cleanings of pool filters all play a role on the overall condition of your swimming pool and that is why our team of Puddle technicians create customized plans. 

Balancing Pool Chemistry: When it comes to pool chemicals, chlorine levels are often the main focus. Sanitizers like chlorine or bromine are very important but they aren’t the only chemical levels that you should keep an eye on. If water chemistry is imbalanced or chemical levels are low, it opens the door to bacteria, contamination and even algae growth. These will have a negative impact on curb appeal with cloudy or discoloured water but are also a safety risk. Contaminated water can lead to recreational water illnesses (RWIs) that cause skin irritations, eye infections, ear infections, stomach illnesses and even e-coli poisoning in severe cases. Keeping water clean means balancing chlorine levels, pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. 

Ditch Debris: Even with a cover on, unwanted items have a way of sneaking into pool systems. Some of these, like leaves, are lighter and will float along water surfaces. If not removed they will start to rot and break apart or sink down to the bottom of the pool. Bits and pieces will clog up skimmer baskets and/or create clogs and blockages inside lines and around pool filters. Heavier items will sink to the bottom of pools where they will sit against vinyl liners, causing permanent staining. Vacuuming the pool seems easy but standard vacuum heads aren’t designed to reach into tight corners or hard angles. This means corners and areas around stairs are left to gather unwanted items and bacteria. Speciality tools can reach into even the tightest spaces for a more thorough cleaning. 

Monitor Circulation Systems: if your pool pump breaks down, water can’t circulate and that means chemicals aren’t circulating throughout basins. If there are clogs in internal water systems it forces components to work harder to push water through. This means higher utility bills and daily running costs but it also means unnecessary wear and tear to your systems. Having an expert inspect these areas on a regular basis means prolonging the lifespan of water systems and avoiding the high cost of premature repairs. 

Seasonal Care: Getting your pool ready for winter protects it from the damage that cold weather causes. Not dropping the water levels in an inground pool can lead to burst pipes and brittle plastic. If you want to avoid disaster, call Puddle for your pool closing and pool openings. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Care Across St. Thomas 

When you want the best results for your swimming pool without sacrificing all of your free time to cleaning and maintenance, let a Puddle Pro handle the heavy lifting for you. Puddle team members are local to the St. Thomas area so we understand the biggest pitfalls of having a pool. Instead of dealing with disaster or suffering through trial and error, have an expert provide efficient and affordable cleaning services for your home or business. 

With options for routine cleaning programs as well as seasonal treatments, deep cleans, pool leak detection and inspections, there is nothing that our team of highly trained technicians can’t handle. 

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