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Winter in Ontario can feel like it lasts forever so as soon as the warm weather hits, everyone wants to hit the pool! While natural swim spaces like lakes are too cold to use until June, a thorough pool opening can mean doing cannonballs as soon as the average temperature hits 21 degrees. After months of sitting stagnant, pool owners will likely pull back covers to find foul smells, green water and algae. Instead of struggling to restore water condition, clean components and deal with debris, call Puddle for your St. Thomas pool opening. 

When you want to open your pool for the season, it takes more than throwing in a bit of shock treatment and turning on a pool vacuum. After months of sitting idle your pool is harbouring tons of debris and bacteria. Shocking your pool might clear away a bit of cloudiness or help with discolouration but diving into dirty water is a serious health and safety risk. Instead of taking a chance on water condition, have an expert clean and balance your inground or above ground pool at home or in a commercial environment. 

Pool Opening Services: Making the Most Out of the Swim Season 

Many pool owners wait until the May long weekend to open their swim spaces but it isn’t always a good idea to base your spring pool care on a date. Opening too early can open the door for potential damage caused by cold snaps while waiting too long to open can mean missing out on the first days of the swim season. When you want to make the most out of the warm weather and keep your pool in the best possible condition, just call a local Puddle Pro. 

Restore Water Levels & Equipment: There isn’t much point on started a pool opening program if you are missing parts! If detachable components were removed for seasonal storage, it is important to put them back. This is also a good time to restore your water level so it reaches the skimmer level. All it takes is a simple garden hose to raise water levels but it is an important part of prepping your pool for an opening. This means any applied chemical treatments will be able to circulate throughout internal water systems and the pool water itself. 

Shock Your System: If water is discoloured, it is tough to get a proper view of what is going on below the surface. A shock treatment will clear away cloudiness and discolouration so you can have a clear view of what you are dealing with. 

Ditch Debris: Even if you have had your pool covered over the off-season, unwanted items have a way of sneaking into basins and water systems. You can expect everything from leaves, sticks, needles, seed pods, dirt, insects and even small rodents. Skimming water surfaces is a simple process but dealing with unwanted items below water surfaces is more complicated. A standard pool vacuum is not designed to reach into hard angles, meaning debris will be pushed into corners where it will build up and bacteria will thrive. Speciality tools are able to reach into hard angles, corners and the difficult to reach areas around stairs for the best possible results. Specialty brushes are also able to scrub away any residue that has developed around water lines without damaging vinyl liners. From pool surfaces, skimmer baskets and even the deep end, there is nothing that gets by our pool pros. 

Undoing Closing Practices: In the same way that dropping water levels is an important part of closing, so is winterizing plugs. Opening up drain plugs means allowing water to pass through readily. If you have switched out mesh covers for solid winter ones, it is time to switch back! Storing pool covers keeps them in good condition, so fold up that winter cover and enjoy warmer water for spring. Mesh covers allow sunlight to pass through reaching pool water and helping to heat it, saving costs on utility bills and using less energy which is always a good thing. 

Monitoring Pool Equipment: Starting the spring off right means going into the season with a functional pool system and that means making sure that all of your internal systems are in great shape. A trained eye can offer insight into the condition of your pump and filter, as well as surrounding areas like pool decks and diving boards. 

The Puddle Guarantee: Professional Pool Opening in St. Thomas 

Throughout the St. Thomas area swimming pools can help to make the most out of the spring and summer seasons and we want to help! Local experts know what your pool system is up against throughout the year and we know how to restore pool condition at any time of year. By providing efficient and affordable pool services throughout the St. Thomas area, we make sure that our communities are always running smoothly! 

By offering options for routine pool maintenance, seasonal care, inspections, pool leak detections and more, there has never been a better time to call a Puddle Pro and have your water systems running smoother than ever. Ditch the basic test kits and let our experts handle everything from chlorine level and beyond. 

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