St. Thomas Pool Leak Detection

All plumbing lines are susceptible to leaks in one way or another. It is inconvenient to have a leaking tap indoors but if you are losing water from a swimming pool it can mean serious damage to the pool itself and surrounding areas. If you feel like your swim space is losing water, don’t hesitate to call a local expert to point out problem areas. St. Thomas pool leak detection is an efficient and affordable way to identify leaks, isolate problems areas and help to organize repairs. 

Swimming pools are built to be durable but they are still susceptible to damage. There are plenty of ways that your swim space might spring a leak and being able to track down these problem areas are the key to stopping water loss in its tracks. Without technical knowledge it can be tough to know what to watch out for but our Puddle Pros are able to spot existing issues and provide helpful advise on how to avoid future issues. 

The Best Way to Detect Leaks in Your Pool: Identification & Testing 

Chemical treatments and water balancing are a part of regular pool maintenance practices but these are useless when dealing with a water leak. If you are losing water, chemicals will seep right back out of your swimming pool, making it nearly impossible to balance water, which can lead to contamination and a ruined swim season. It can be difficult to tell the difference between water loss that is happening due to evaporation or caused by a leak. Luckily, there are a few simple tests that you can do to determine if you have a leak or not. 

The first step to determining if you are dealing with a leak is to measure the water level in your swimming pool. If this level drops more than 3-5 inches over the course of a week, there is cause for concern. There are plenty of factors that will impact your water levels, namely high heats and high use. Very hot days will cause evaporation while having many swimmers going in and out of pools will drag water out with them. This can cause water levels to drop by up to 3-5 inches on a weekly basis. If you are having to refill your pool on a daily basis or are seeing a significant drop in water when the weather is mild or swim spaces are not used, it is time to consider a leak. 

If you are having a difficult time measuring water levels inside your pool basin, you can always rely on a bucket test. This test involves placing a bucket of pool water next to the basin so both of these are exposed to the same conditions. If the water level in the pool has dropped more than the water level in the bucket, it is a sign of a leak and you should call a Puddle Pro! 

The Puddle Guarantee: Expert Swimming Pool Leak Detection Services in St. Thomas 

It is easy to spot a crack in a pool wall, concrete slab or equipment pad but physical damage is not the only thing that leads to water loss. When you want to find a leak it is important to test for both structural and plumbing leaks inside your system. Calling an expert at the first sign of a leak helps to save time and money in the long run. 

Pressure testing will help to identify leaks inside plumbing lines and a dye test is best utilized for identifying structures leaks and tears in vinyl liners. In order to get the best results for our clients, Puddle technicians arrive on-scene with options for both, tracking down even the most stubborn leaks.

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