St. Thomas Pool Inspections

When house hunting throughout the city of St. Thomas a swimming pool might be just the thing that takes a home from average to exceptional. Whether you are hoping to buy or sell a home with a pool or are noticing issues with your swim space, it is always a good idea to call Puddle for a thorough inspection. Contacting an expert for your St. Thomas pool inspections means insight into the functionality and condition of the pool so you know you are making a good investment. 

When you are buying a home with a pool, spa or hot tub, it is important to make sure water systems are in good condition. It is common to have an expert perform home inspection services whenever a property changes hands but the average home inspector does not always have experience in dealing with swimming pools. Having a clear view of a swim space requires an experienced pool inspector and our Puddle technicians have got you covered. 

The Benefits of Having an Expert Inspect Your Pool 

There are many types of swimming pool inspections on the market, each with its own focus and goals. Some of these inspection types will focus on structural integrity, proximity to plumbing and electrical lines, for plumbing and construction permits or insurance purposes. All of these are beneficial in one way or another but they often don’t focus on whether or not a pool is even working. A professional pool inspector will check surfaces for signs of damage, test internal systems and look for any existing safety issues. 

Visual Testing: When dealing with a swim space, there are common issues that can be fixed easily and complex issues which are more difficult to manage. For example, a small tear in a vinyl liner can be patched easily enough but small rips will get larger over time. Larger rips/tears will lead to the need for full replacements. A trained eye can spot physical damage to pools, as well as cracks and breakage to components that might be impacted overall functionality. 

System Testing: Even if a pool is holding water doesn’t mean that it is in good shape. Internal water systems are key to keeping pools clean. If your pool pump has broken down, it can’t circulate water and water is prone to contamination. In the case of a broken water heater, it is an expensive fix. If you are purchasing a home, you want to make sure that you are not going to have to invest in a new water heater or have to replace plumbing lines shortly after buying. If this is the case, repair costs can be built into sale prices or can be organized before possession dates. 

Safety Features: Whether in a residential property or a commercial space safety is always a top priority. Without a trained eye, it is easy to overlook seemingly small safety issues that can lead to serious health and safety risks. If a ladder or railing is not properly grounded or diving boards have come loose from their fastenings, it can lead to serious injury. 

Most pool owners are familiar with the quirks of their unique swim space, so you know when there is a problem. If you begin to notice issues with your pool, quick action is key to avoiding disaster. Calling Puddle pool inspection services can help to identify any problem areas or struggling systems and components. Professional pool technicians provide insight that can help to isolate issues and can even help to organize repairs with reputable, local organizations. 

Please note that level I pool inspections are designed to provide peace of mind but do not include a written report. 

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