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The goals of any business are to bring customers in, provide excellent services and keep guests safe. A swimming pool is a great way to bring guests into a hospitality space, members to a gym or fitness centre, guests to a spa or even showcase a home for sale — but only if they are clean! Maintaining a pool in a high traffic space or updating a swim space for a showing involves a lot of hard work but our Puddle technicians have got you covered. Local Puddle Pros provide St. Thomas commercial pool services on a routine basis as well as seasonal treatments, service calls, inspections and more. 

Commercial pool care is not just for fitness centres or spas but can be applied to a wide range of industries. Whether you are a small business or part of a larger corporation, keeping a pool clean is a matter of visual appeal but also health and safety. A simple testing kit might be able to point out minor issues with chlorine levels but these often aren’t enough to maintain a high traffic space. Instead of struggling to maintain pool chemistry only to have pool water go green and put customers off, have a local Puddle Pro handle your pool care needs. 

Pool Care For Businesses: How Can Your Industry Benefit? 

Customer service is a key component of running any business. From business structures that revolve around swimming pools, realtors who need to improve visuals before a showing or landscaping companies that are looking for some post-construction cleanup, expert pool care is a major advantage. By enlisting a professional pool service, businesses can rest assured that their swim spaces are clean and inviting while redirecting your focus back to daily operations. 

Recreation Centres: For many St. Thomas residents get their first taste of swimming at a public pool. With plenty of community members doing laps for exercise and youngsters learning to do the backstroke, community pools are busy throughout the year. These spaces often have multiple pools and hot tubs to maintain so it can quickly become overwhelming. Even a bit of neglect can lead to algae blooms, bacteria and contamination that can have a negative impact on swimmers and an even worse impact on your reputation. 

Real Estate: When house hunting, a swimming pool can help one listing stand out from the rest. A clean and inviting swimming pool is a major selling feature but when they are dirty or in bad shape, they can send prospective buyers running in the opposite direction. A one-time pool cleaning service can help to clear away cloudiness and discolouration, remove debris and when partnered with a pool inspection, can help to provide peace of mind to buyers. 

Landscaping & Post-Construction Clean Up: During the course of a landscaping or construction project, dust, dirt and debris are inevitable. No one wants to complete a project only to have clients upset that there is dirt settled at the bottom of their swimming pool. By calling an experienced pool cleaner following the final touches on your project you can present a clean and inviting swim space in addition to your great results. 

The Puddle Guarantee: Hotel Pool Care That You Can Count On 

Hotels across the St. Thomas area often offer options for outdoor and indoors pool, as well as hot tubs. For those individuals on vacation an accessible swimming pool signifies summer fun and relaxation. If your pool is dirty or damaged this might be enough to send potential guests running to your competitors. Maintaining a clean swim space is key to bringing in new and recurring guests but this is easier said than done. Unlike cleaning your pool at home, a hotel pool can see dozens — or even hundreds — of swimmers on a daily basis and keeping up with this level of traffic can be difficult. 

With every body that enters and exits your swimming pool, there are items left behind. This might mean bits and pieces of debris, or residue caused by body oils, lotions, sunscreen and hair products seeping off of bodies and into water where it settles on pool walls near the water line. In addition to balancing pool chemicals in these areas, water systems have many other moving parts that all need attention, namely filtration systems. A pool filter is designed to trap and hold unwanted items but if these are full they will need to be cleaned in order to avoid clogs, blockages and strained water flow. Cartridge filters can be removed, cleaned and replaced every couple of months while sand filters should be emptied and replaced with new sand every couple of years. 

Anyone can stock up on pool chemicals and flip the switch on a pool vacuum but these basic tools are not able to reach into corners in the same way that specialized tools can. Our team of highly trained Puddle technicians bring speciality tools and chemical treatments with us, so pool owners never have to worry about buying or storing their supplies. There is never a bad time to start a pool cleaning program, so call Puddle today! 

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