St. Thomas Hot Tub Maintenance

Who doesn’t love soaking up a fall evening from the comfort of a hot tub? While you are easing sore muscles in warm water, are you giving much thought to what is floating around in that water with you? Whether you are at home, in a hotel, spa or fitness centre, hot tubs are great additions but they are tough to keep clean. When covered, warm water becomes the ideal space for algae, bacteria and mold to thrive, turning your swim space into a swamp. Local Puddle Pros provide St. Thomas hot tub maintenance that keeps water clean and systems running smoothly all year long. 

Unlike a simple bath tub, you can’t just fill up and drain spas at will. Keeping hot tub water clean requires regular chemical treatments, as well as heavy scrubbing, debris removal and a whole lot of TLC. It might seem simple to grab a box of test strips and throwing in a bit of chlorine or bromine every once in a while but it takes more than just that to keep water systems running smoothly. Instead of dealing with a DIY disaster or settling for subpar results, call a Puddle technician for a routine care program, a system refresh or both! 

Hot Tub Cleaning: How to Get Great Results 

Cleaning your hot tub means treating water regularly but it also means cleaning the internal systems and spa filters that keep them running. Unlike a swimming pool, you can’t just turn on an automatic vacuum cleaner and watch debris get sucked up. Spas are smaller with less room to navigate, so it takes special tools like hand vacuums to suck up unwanted items. It is easy to overlook this process but this will lead to blocked filters and force your systems to work harder to force water through plumbing lines and components. 

Cleaning your hot tub on a regular basis doesn’t just improve visual appeal, it keeps swimmers safe and helps to avoid the need for premature repairs or replacements. Something as simple as taking the extra step to clean your filter on a regular basis can prevent additional strain or wear and tear to internal systems that would wear them down quicker. Achieving a well-rounded clean means building a multi-step approach that treats your hot tubs and spas from the inside, out. 

Water Chemistry: When balancing chemical levels in water, sanitizer levels often steal the show. Simple test kits will often point out issues with sanitizers like chlorine or bromine but overlook other necessary chemical levels. Keeping water safe and sanitary means monitoring sanitizers but also pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. 

Managing Hot Tub Filters: You might be able to scoop out bits of floating debris but there are always smaller items making their way into water systems. Even after you have removed larger items, there are smaller bits and pieces of debris left behind. These will make their way into filters where it will layer over itself, restricting water flow. Part of keeping your hot tub cleaner is keeping your filter cleaner and our Puddle technicians can help! Routine cleanings will include an overview of filter condition, letting you know when they need to be removed, cleaned and reinstalled for a smoother flow and less stress on your system. 

Dealing With Debris: Floating skimmer baskets will collect some floating debris but heavier items will sink to the bottom of the tub. No one wants to step into a hot tub and onto a blanket of leaves. These can be skimmed out while small items need speciality hand vacuums that remove debris and filter water back into tubs. These speciality tools can be expensive and require storage, but our Puddle Pros will bring them right to your front door. 

Deep Cleans: Even with regular cleanings and applications of hot tub chemicals it is important to perform deep cleans or system refreshes. If you are noticing white mold forming inside your spa, it is time for a refresh but these should be done twice annually to keep systems running smoothly. This process involves a multi-part chemical treatment plan that flows into plumbing and return lines, pulling out any dirt or debris that has built up inside. This buildup is then pushed into the main water basin and then it is time to drain the hot tub water. Once emptied, tubs are then throughly scrubbed. This means shells, jets, headrests and even the hot tub cover are scrubbed to remove remaining bacteria. Water can then be refilled and balanced, leaving your hot tub as good as new. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Hot Tub Care in Your Area 

Being a hot tub owner shouldn’t be a chore! We understand that you are busy and it is easy for a hot tub cleaning to slip through the cracks. Instead of dealing with the aftermath of a bit of neglect, have an expert create a schedule that works for you. With options for bi-weekly cleaning programs, single service call-outs or deep cleans, our Puddle crews provide customized services for homes and commercial properties all across St. Thomas. 

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