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Florida might have a tropical climate but that doesn’t rule out cold snaps. Tourists travel from far and wide to soak up the sunshine but property owners in the area have to prepare for anything and everything. When you have a pool at home or manage a property with a swim space, these will need to be closed out for the cold season, and our Puddle technicians are here to help. Professional Fruitland Park pool closing services protect swimming pools from cold weather and during long periods of disuse. Keep your pool running smoothly all year from a bit of help from a Puddle pro.

In the Fruitland Park area, winterizing your pool doesn’t always seem like a priority. Even during the winter months, the weather is warm and doesn’t often break away into snow, sleet, frost and ice, but it does happen! Whether you are preparing for a cold snap or are planning to head away for long vacation, just call a local Puddle specialist.

Fall Pool Care: What to Do & When

As temperatures drop, the needs of your swimming pool will change. High heats burn off chemicals faster, meaning cleanings and chemical balancing need to be done more frequently. Lower temps mean chemicals last longer. Keeping the same chemical treatment plan year round will cause water chemistry to become imbalanced. It is easy to throw on a pool cover and forget about a water system until spring but this often means having to manage highly contaminated water, a lot of debris and something that looks more like a swamp than a swim space.

Anytime that the average outdoor temperature hits 59 degrees, it is a good idea to consider closing your water systems down. In the event of a cold snap, small amounts of water inside pool systems will freeze. Frozen water expands in pipes and can lead to bursting. Cold temperatures can also make plastic brittle, leading to weakening or breakage but winterizing drain plugs can help. In an inground pool, dropping water levels to below the jets and skimmers prevents water from seeping into vulnerable areas and causing damage. When managing an above ground pool, an air pillow or bag prevents freezing.

Water Treatments: Throughout Summer, a test kit can help to point out problem areas with chlorine levels but complete water balance depends on a variety of other key features, Winterizing chemicals are always a good idea when your swim space is not in regular use.

Debris Removal: In an outdoor pool, organic debris is just a part of life. Lighter items float on water surfaces, heavy items sink to the bottom of the pool and everything in between will get caught up in skimmer baskets. Skimming, vacuuming and emptying baskets at the changing of the season means reducing the risk of rot and breaking apart.

Dealing with Pool Equipment: Pool accessories make a huge difference to the overall function of your swim space. Mesh pool covers are a great idea in spring and summer because they allow sunlight in, where it can help with heating. When going into the fall it is a better idea to switch over to winter covers. Solid covers keep sunlight out, reducing growth rates and preventing algae from taking over your space. It is also a good idea to inspect pool lines, the pool pump and pool filters.

A proper closure makes it easier to open your pool in spring. When you want great results, no one does it better than the local experts at Puddle Pool Services. Each member of the team is highly trained, experienced and fully insured for excellent results and peace of mind.

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