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There is never a bad time to make sure that your pool is working properly. When they are in good condition swimming pools, hot tubs and swim spas are great additions to any home or business. However, if a pool has leaks, failing systems or unsecured safety features they are huge liabilities. If you are buying a property, looking to sell or suspect that your pool isn’t running quite right, don’t hesitate to call an expert. Fruitland Park pool inspections examine the visible areas of pools as well as the internal systems that keep them running for peace of mind. 

There are many types of pool inspection services out there but not all of these are particularly useful when making a purchase or selling an existing pool space. Some inspections focus on construction and permitting but will overlook whether or not a swimming pool actually works! There is nothing worse than finalizing a sale, only to find out that you have to spend a ton of money on unexpected repairs and replacements. 

Pool Inspection Services: When Selling or Buying a Home 

Even if water is sparkling and surfaces appear clean, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a swimming pool is really in good condition. Whenever someone is buying a pool it is common practice to have a home inspection done. These are great for providing insight into the condition of foundations, roofing and even electrical work but home inspectors often don’t have a ton of experience in dealing with swimming pools. This means that sensitive areas can be overlooked with new homeowners or even sellers being stuck with the aftermath. 

Pool inspectors have a ton of industry experience and technical training, so it is always better to call a professional for your pool, spa and hot tub inspections. Puddle technicians provide a Level I Pool Inspection including visual inspections, system testing and assessments of surrounding areas and safety features. 

Visual Inspections: Inspections will check the condition of poolsides and structures with a visual inspection. It is easy to overlook a small tear in a vinyl liner if you don’t know what to look for. A small tear can be patched by an expert easily enough but if left alone, tears will grow and leaks will become worse, leading to the need for a full replacement which is expensive. Physical damage around poolsides not only looks awful but it is a tripping hazard and can lead to serious injury. 

System Testing: All pool and spa inspections should include testing of internal water systems along with pumps, filters, heaters and return lines. This process includes running pool pumps, testing water heaters, ensuring jets are functional and checking pressure gauges to make sure levels are where they should be. 

Assessment of Pool Equipment & Surrounding Areas: Depending on the style of your pool filter, you might be looking at an expensive replacement or cleaning service. Cartridge filters can be removed, cleaned and replaced but sand filters are a more lengthy process that involves emptying sand filters and replacing contents with new sand. Pool inspectors will check surrounding areas and safety features in particular. If a ladder or railing has come loose or a diving board is not solidly fixed in place, all of these are safety hazards to everyone not only using your pool but just walking around it. 

Before you commit to a home with a pool or agree to sell your existing swim space, call a Puddle Pro for insight into the condition of the pool as well as surrounding areas. Calling Puddle Pool Service to inspect your pool means peace of mind that you are making a good investment and that your system is safe and running smoothly. It is important to note that a Level I Pool Inspection covers the functionally and condition of a pool itself but it does not come along with a written report and cannot be used for construction, permitting or insurance purposes. 

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