Fruitland Park Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Florida might not have big seasonal shifts and blankets of snow like other parts of the country but you still shouldn’t leave your pool out in the cold. As the fall season creeps in, it is easy to plan out the holidays while forgetting the needs of your swimming pool. Failing to close a pool in fall means a whole lot of headache when you try to open back up in spring.

Instead of dealing with issues later, let our Puddle Pros take a proactive approach. Fruitland Park seasonal pool maintenance programs keep your water systems running smoothly all year long. When you want to protect your pools from the cold and make the most out of the swim season, just call a Puddle Pro!

Seasonal Pool Care: Building A Schedule That Works

One of the most common questions that we get asked as pool specialists is: when do I close my pool down for winter? The truth is that there is no set date for when you should close or open your swimming pool. Opening pools too early leaves them open to risk from the elements while waiting too long to book your pool opening means missing out on warmer weather.

Getting Ready for the Winter Months: The winter season in Florida does not come on fast and strong like the more Northern states but temperatures do drop! The average lowest temperature during winter is around 55 degrees. During this time, swimming is not on the priority list! Going into the off-season or preparing for a long absence or vacation away should include closing down your pool system. It is common practice to clean your pool when it is in use but when traffic slows down, it is easy to forget a chemical treatment here or there. When you want to winterize your pool, a step-by-step approach is key to keeping systems in good shape. Start by dropping the water level in inground pools to a couple inches below the skimmer line or installing an air pillow in an above ground pool; add chemicals to reduce the risk of algae growth. It is also a good idea to winterize drain plugs, remove detachable components to be dried and stored.

Preparing For Spring: One of the first steps to getting a pool ready for use is to remove debris and start to balance your water chemistry. Balancing your pool water is not as simple as tossing in a chlorine puck and hoping for the best. A test kit will tell you when sanitizer levels are off but they don’t tell you how to fix them. Reinstalling any pool equipment that has been removed is important, as is testing and inspecting components like pool pumps, heaters, return lines and more. You should add water to ensure that levels reach the skimmer. Telescopic poles are used to scrub sides while skimmers remove floating debris and manual vacuums suck up debris from the bottom of the pool.

Off-Season Program: If you are unsure about whether or not a full pool closing is right for you, it is a good idea to consider an off-season pool program. Switching from a weekly to bi-weekly cleaning program means your swim space gets the same expert treatment at a reduced rate. With this option when you want to open up in spring, all you have to do is turn on your heater.

Switching seasons can be difficult for pool owners to handle and that is why our local Puddle Pros are here to lighten the load.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results At Any Time of Year

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Fruitland Park area, so we know what your water systems are up against! By creating treatment plans based on pool age, condition, surrounding areas and usage rate, our experts provide the best possible results, from spring to fall. With options for seasonal care, as well as routine pool cleanings, there is never a bad time to start a pool cleaning program for your home or business.

Puddle technicians are highly trained, experienced and fully insured for peace of mind. With access to informational resources, top of the line industry tools and a wide network of technicians from coast to coast, our Puddle pros can handle it all! With bright branding, uniformed technicians and fully wrapped vehicles, you’ll never miss our Puddle Pros.

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