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Ontario might be a winter wonderland but cold weather can take a real toll on swimming pools. For both above ground pools and inground models sub-zero temperatures make plastic brittle and can quickly leak to frozen plumbing and even burst pipes. Instead of dealing with the aftermath of a disaster, call a Puddle Pro as the fall season settles in. Professional Brampton pool closing services protect pools from the cold, reduces the risk of algae growth and sets the stage for an easier opening in spring. 

For many pool owners in Brampton shutting down for the off-season means throwing on a winter cover and hoping for the best. Unfortunately protecting your swim space over the winter is not that simple! Failing to close your pool for the off-season means a longer and more complicated opening process in spring, dealing with unexpected damage and even the possibility of flooded structures. The best way to prepare your pool for the winter is with a thorough closing process and our Puddle technicians are here for all of your fall pool care needs. 

How to Close Your Pool: What to Do & What to Know 

Traditionally, pool owners want to begin the closing process just after the September long weekend. This might be good rule of thumb but it isn’t always the best course of action. Closing too early can mean encouraging algae growth and missing out on the last warm days of summer. Waiting too long to close a swimming pool can mean unexpected damage caused by cold snaps. It is best to begin the closing process once the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees. 

Removing Debris: The best way to close your pool is with a clean slate. If there is debris floating along water surfaces or sunken down to the bottom of the pool, it will only get worse if it is left behind. Over time, organics will rot and break apart, clogging up pool filters, skimmer baskets and encouraging algae blooms and contamination. Scrubbing residue from sides, vacuuming up sunken debris, skimming water surfaces and emptying skimmer baskets can help to reduce contamination risks and staining, as well as keeping water cleaner. 

Water Treatments: One of the biggest risks to swimming pools during the winter season is freezing, of course. Frigid temperatures make plastic components brittle and freezes water. Frozen water expands up to 9% which might not seem like a lot but it is enough to cause pipes to burst. Even if you love spending your days on a skating rink, you shouldn’t have one in your basement! Water chemistry might be a top priority during the swim season but as the seasons change the focus shifts to winterizing chemicals. Most pool owners are familiar with pool chemicals like sanitizers and monitoring pool chemicals but winter treatments are often new territory. Specialized chemical programs not only prevent freezing, they can also reduce the risk of algae growth. 

Drop Water Levels & Inspect Equipment: The best way to protect internal water systems and equipment is by reducing the water level in an inground pool so it falls below the jets and skimmer line. This process means having to drain the water from your pool, steering it away from vulnerable areas and winterizing drain plugs so water cannot seep inside. This is also the ideal time to remove detachable components to be dried and stored for the winter. Flush return lines, inspect the pool pump and check up on the cartridge filter or sand filters. Even with your pool covered, debris and unwanted items have a way of sneaking inside, so quick removal and monitoring filters is always a good idea. 

Whether you are looking to install water bags to prevent freezing in above ground pools, drop water levels in inground pools or are looking for an easier way to open your pool in spring, call a Puddle Pro for all of your seasonal swimming pool needs. 

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