Brampton Pool Leak Detection

Anytime that you are dealing with water loss, it is a big problem. Whether indoors or outside leaks will often start off small and get worse over time. No leak is a good leak but a leak in your pool is exceptionally bad news. Swimming pools hold thousands of gallons of water at any given time so even a pinhole leak can lead to serious damage. Expert Brampton pool leak detection services identify problem areas and isolate affected areas to be repaired. 

Part of what makes swimming pool leaks such a problem is that they can go undetected for long periods of time. There are plenty of ways that your swim space can be losing water naturally. High heats will cause water to evaporate and a high number of swimmers going in and out will carry pool water out with them. There is a big difference between managing natural water loss and water loss caused by a leak. Luckily, our team of local Puddle Pros are here to help. 

Leak Detection in Pools: What to Watch Out For 

If you notice that your water level is beginning to drop, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself: has it been hot outside? Did you recently host a pool party? When is the last time you actively checked your water level? If these situations don’t seem relevant to your reduced water level it might be time for a bucket test. 

Bucket Test: This process involves filing a bucket with water and then measuring the pool water level. Place the bucket next to the side of the swimming pool and mark the water level inside the bucket. After a few days, the rate of water loss should be the same in both. If there is significantly more water loss in the pool than the bucket, you have a leak. 

Identifying that you are dealing with a leak is a big victory but it isn’t the end of the road for your swimming pool leak detection. Once there is evidence of a leak it is time to figure out if you are dealing with a structural leak or a plumbing leak. 

Dye Test: This type of testing is best used when you suspect that you are dealing with structural leaks.This process involves turning off the pool pump and waiting for water to settle down. Once still, coloured dyes are strategically applied throughout the pool basin. Because dyes are heavier than water it will be more readily attracted to areas of water loss. As water is pulled toward slab leaks, cracks in concrete or tears in vinyl liners, it can be tracked visually by following the colours. 

Pressure Test: If you are noticing water loss and higher water bills, these are both signs of a leak. If there is no visible sign of physical damage, it is a good idea to inspect plumbing and water lines. A pressure test involves applying a steady stream of air flow to lines. If this air stream comes into contact with cracks or damage it will create air bubbles that can be followed. In the case of an underground leak, soil will become saturated and this air flow will create a gurgling sound. 

Puddle Pool Services: Pool Leak Detection For Homes & Businesses in Brampton 

After years of industry experience our team of Puddle Pros understand the common problem areas associated with pool leaks. Puddle clients can book their appointments by phone or online 24 hours a day so you are always able to reach out to an expert. Leak detection and repair go hand-in-hand and that is why our team of technicians provide referrals to local industry experts that provide timely, efficient and reliable pool repair. 

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