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There is a big difference between enjoying a pool at home and enjoying a public swim space. Having a backyard pool space at your disposal is a convenient way to make the most out of summer but it comes with a lot of cleaning and maintenance. If you don’t want to waste the swim season scrubbing, skimming and water testing, have a Puddle Pro handle it for you. Professional Brampton residential pool services get swimming pools clean and keep them that way with affordable and efficient treatment programs. 

Pool care might seem simple at first but it is a complicated process made up of many moving parts. Water chemistry is a key component of keeping pools clean but the hard work doesn’t stop there. When you want the best results for your water systems, it is important to regularly monitor pool filters, surfaces and the internal pipes and lines that keep them running smoothly. If this feels like a lot of work, that’s because it is but our Puddle technicians are here to help! 

Residential Pool Care: What to Know About Your Swim Space

No two swimming pools will operate in exactly the same way. Even the same make and model of pool will be subject to the unique environmental factors around them. If there is a ton of plant life surrounding your swimming pool you can expect a higher rate of debris and potential contaminants. That means keeping up with these spaces is a lot more difficult than commercial spaces that are flanked by concrete. In order to keep up with the needs of your swim space it is important to break the cleaning process down into multiple steps that treat swimming pools inside and out. 

Water Balancing: If you begin to notice cloudy water inside your pool system shocking the pool is a no-brainer but this isn’t enough to create a sanitary swim space. Anyone can reach for a simple testing kit but these often focus on sanitizers and ignore other factors. While chlorine levels are important, so are pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. Instead of stocking up on pool chemicals and test strips, spending money and sacrificing storage space, let a Puddle Pro handle your water chemistry for you. 

Debris Removal: Getting rid of unwanted items from your pool water is the most obvious aspect of cleaning your pool but an amateur approach doesn’t always get the best results. It is easy to skim floating items off of water surfaces but this can quickly become an everyday activity that eats up your leisure time. If debris is left to sit it will rot and break apart, leading to smaller pieces filling up skimmer baskets and creating clogs in and around pool filters. Standard pool vacuums are not designed to reach into hard angles or navigate tricky areas like corners or around stairs. This leaves pockets where debris will build up, bacteria will thrive and contaminants will run wild. 

Equipment Assessments: If filters and circulation systems start to fail, it won’t take long for your water condition to follow. Stagnant water is prone to contamination. If the weather is cool you might be using your pool less frequently and it is easy to overlook issues with water systems. Starting a routine pool maintenance program with a trained professional means having an expert review your pool pump, filters, return lines and the condition of vinyl liners and   other areas that might lead to major issues down the road. 

Proper Pool Care at Home: Hiring An Expert 

Professional pool cleaning services are not reserved for public pools or commercial properties. When you want the best results for your swimming pool, call a local Puddle Pro to maintain our water quality, ditch debris and make sure that water systems are running smoothly. For property owners n Brampton, you have plenty of issues for pool care but our team of highly trained and experienced technicians set themselves apart from the competition. 

Puddle pool technicians provide a wide range of service options to accommodate any pool type, style, size and level of traffic. If you are taking over a new swimming pool, during the purchase of a home, for example, it likely needs a deep cleaning which involves a multi-part chemical treatment, heavy scrubbing and treatments of internal water systems. Whether you are looking for a routine cleaning program, seasonal treatments, inspections, pool leak detection or a one-time service call, our Puddle technicians have got you covered.

In addition to customized treatment plans that cater to the unique needs of your swim space, Puddle technicians offer affordable services and transparent pricing so you are never surprised with a higher than expected bill. With options for booking online or by phone you can reach out to our Puddle crews at any time or day or night. 

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