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Commercial swim spaces come in all shapes and sizes but they are all demanding. A clean and inviting swimming pool can bring in new and recurring members to fitness centres or gyms, draw guests to spas, keep recreational centres busy and hotels fully booked. As business owner, your pool holds a lot of power and we want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment. Hiring Puddle for your Brampton commercial pool services means crystal clear water, sanitary swim spaces, reduced running costs and avoiding expensive repairs. 

Your business structure doesn’t have to revolve around swim spaces to be able to benefit from professional pool care. In fact, professional pool maintenance can benefit a wide range of industries, keeping swimmers safe, boosting curb appeal and helping to create a top-notch customer service experience. Pool care for businesses can come in the form of routine cleaning programs, service calls, one-time cleans, system refreshes and seasonal pool treatments. 

Commercial Pool Care: Benefitting Your Business 

When it comes to pool cleaning, business owners are often too busy to handle it themselves. If you are feeling overwhelmed by daily operations, it is easy to let your swim spaces fall to the wayside but this has serious consequences. Contaminated pool water is a serious risk to health and safety, pool equipment impacts the daily running costs of your swim space and the structural condition of your swimming pool plays a major role in overall condition and costs. As a business, a dirty or contaminated pool can send potential customers and guests running in the other direction but our Puddle Pros are here to help! 

Expert Water Testing: Anyone can pick up a basic testing kit from a pool supply store but in a high traffic space like a business these often aren’t enough to keep water sanitary. Trying to tackle a DIY pool cleaning might work at home but for pools with dozens or hundreds of swimmers stepping in and out of water on a daily basis, it is always better to trust a pro. A professional pool cleaning company not only checks your chlorine levels, but pH levels, alkalinity and calcium to ensure that your water is clean and free of contaminants. 

Speciality Pool Cleaning Equipment: If you are looking to start a pool cleaning program on your own, it is important to consider the startup costs. Basic pool vacuums are not designed to navigate the unique characteristics of a commercial pool. These tools are not able to reach into tight angles or corners and they cannot navigate around steps, leaving large areas for bacteria and debris to buildup. Purchasing pool chemicals and speciality equipment comes with a large price tag and then you have to worry about storage! If you are looking for a one-time cleaning following a construction or landscaping project, purchasing new equipment doesn’t make much sense. Calling Puddle means technicians arrive with all of the necessary tools, chemicals and technical know-how to get great results. 

Monitoring Water Systems: It is easy to get caught up on water condition and forget about the systems that keep water flowing. Pool owners are not all familiar with monitoring how internal water systems work or how to keep pool fillers clean. Hiring an expert means a trained eye will review your cartridge filters, sand filters and return lines to ensure everything is running smoothly. 

Hotel Pool Care: Creating a Customized Pool Cleaning Plan 

When it comes to commercial pool care, no one needs more attention than a hotel pool. Having an inviting swim space is a great way to draw in guests and build a reputation for your brand. As a small business, exposure and reviews are a great way to grow your business and hiring a pool cleaning professional lets you rest easy knowing you are getting the best results. 

In order to keep pools clean and hotel guests coming back our team of Puddle technicians offer customized cleaning programs that can be catered to the needs of your business. By hiring a specialized pool services, businesses can book programs ranging from once per week, up to five times per week, as well as seasonal care, deep cleans and service calls. 

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