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There are plenty of ways to enjoy a swimming pool, particularly at the height of summer but keeping them clean is a lot of hard work and definitely isn’t considered fun! It is easy to lose out on fun in the sun while you are busy skimming, scrubbing and balancing water but our Puddle technicians want to help you make the most out summer. Professional Brampton pool cleaning services keep water crystal clear, systems running smoothly and free of debris so you can enjoy your swim space. 

Pool care doesn’t stop at the surface level but involves digging into the behind-the-scenes systems that keep your water flowing. Shocking the pool water and skimming out floating debris might create a visual improvement in your swim space but these aren’t enough to maintain a sanitary swimming pool. Creating a safe space for swimmers means regular chemical treatments, monitoring components like return lines and the pool pump, removing debris and monitoring surfaces for signs of damage. If this sounds like a lot — that’s because it is! Luckily, our team of local Puddle Pros are here to help keep your pool in great shape all year long. 

Regular Pool Maintenance: Finding a Routine That Works 

Keeping up with the needs of your pool means regular monitoring, treatments and cleanings but it also means following along with weather trends. Creating a pool cleaning program in spring is great but it won’t meet the needs of your pool at the height of summer. This is why it is important to have a plan that can be adapted to the elements and that is where our Puddle technicians come in! 

In order to keep pool water clean and internal systems flowing smoothly, Puddle technicians create multi-step pool treatments that can be altered as time goes on. 

Debris Removal: No matter the time of year, debris inside pool systems is always a problem. It is easy to skim out floating items but for anything sitting below the surface, the removal process is a lot more complicated. A standard pool vacuum is not designed to reach into corners. These tools can suck up items from flat surfaces but vacuum heads are often clunky and can’t navigate areas around stairs or hard angles and they definitely aren’t able to scrub residue from pool walls. If left, floating items will rot and break apart clogging up skimmer baskets and pool filters while sunken items will break down against vinyl liners and cause permanent staining. 

Water Chemistry: Keeping clean water is key to maintaining a sanitary swim space but this is easier said than done. Unlike a bathtub, you can’t just pull a plug and drain out dirty water, so it has to be chemically treated. Test strips might help to navigate sanitizers like chlorine levels but these often don’t account for other necessary chemical levels. Maintaining water chemistry involves monitoring pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. Regular chemical treatments prevent algae growth, as well as bacteria build-up and contamination. 

Keeping Up With Equipment & Filtration Systems: A pool filter is the secret weapon to keeping unwanted items out of rotation in your pool water. A filter is designed to trap and hold small bits of debris so they are not put back into the pool water. If filters are full or there are clogs/blockages forming inside your system, water will be unable to pass through. This means using more energy to push water through, resulting in higher utility bills and daily running costs. A cartridge filter should be removed, cleaned and replaced every 3-4 months while a sand filter should be emptied and have the sand replaced every 3-5 years. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Pool Care Throughout Brampton 

When you want to keep your pool cleaner, we know that you have options but our Puddle technicians set themselves apart from the competition. Whether you are dealing with an inground pool or an above ground model, our team of experts can help you keep them clean! After years of industry experience, we have seen and done it all! 

Far from focusing on pool surfaces alone, Puddle crews monitor return lines and systems, as well as filters, all while keeping water crystal clear and preventing algae blooms from forming and taking over. For efficient and affordable pool care in the Brampton area, just call a local Puddle Pro. 

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