Brampton Hot Tub Maintenance

Nothing beats kicking back in a hot tub on a chilly evening. Being able to jump into a warm water soak at a moment’s notice is great but you can’t do this if your water is dirty or contaminated. Keeping up with the needs of a water system means spending a lot of time and energy and even then, it is easy to miss a chemical treatment here and there. Hiring an expert for your Brampton hot tub maintenance means crystal clear water and smooth running systems no matter the time of year. 

Hot tub cleaning is not a one-step process but means treating the surface areas of your spa, as well as the internal systems that keep them running. Anyone can visit the local pool supply store to pick up some test strips and hot tub chemicals but you have to know how to put these tools to use. Expert hot tub care means balanced water chemistry, clean spa filters, smooth running water systems and happy customers all across the Brampton area. 

How to Keep Your Hot Tub Cleaner: A Multi-Step Approach 

There is a big difference between a spa being in acceptable condition and being in exceptional condition. Whether you are hosting friends at home or are welcoming guests in a commercial space cleaning your hot tub properly is a matter of health and safety, as well as curb appeal. The bare minimum might stop swimmers from getting sick but this is not enough to create an appealing visual and can even lead to unexpected damage or wear and tear to your water systems. The best way to get great results for your hot tub is by breaking the cleaning process down into multiple steps, each of which address a different aspect of your water system. 

Maintaining Water Chemistry: For many hot tub owners, the main focus of their water systems are chemical levels, namely sanitizers like chlorine or bromine.  While sanitizer levels are incredibly important, they are not the only chemicals that you should be focusing on. In order to maintain a sanitary swim space it is important to consider pH levels, alkalinity and calcium as well. With a hot tub cover on, warm, damp and dark spaces are the ideal place for bacteria to thrive. This means it doesn’t take long for water to become contaminated and/or full of algae blooms and white mold. In addition to looking awful, contaminated water creates a risk of recreational water illnesses (RWIs) like skin irritations, eye infections, ear infections, stomach illnesses and, in extreme cases, the possibility of e-coli poisoning. 

Filtration & Circulation Systems: Stagnant water is dirty water. If hot tub water is not able to circulate, neither are your chemical treatments. This means water will be contaminated again in no time. The goal of a hot tub filter is to trap and hold small bits of debris, taking them out of your spa while water passes through. If filters haven’t been cleaned, they are full of debris and water won’t be able to pass through. This means water will have to work harder to pass through, using more energy, driving up your utility bills and putting added strain on your internal components. Routine hot tub programs mean having an expert clean your filter on an as-needed basis, as well as performing regular debris removal, keeping your filter cleaner for a longer period. 

System Refreshes: Even with regular cleaning your water systems will need a deep clean every now and then. Depending on your rate of usage, this could be every 3-6 months. The deep cleaning process involves a specialized chemical program that passes through plumbing and water lines, pulling out any gunk, mold or debris that might have settled inside. These unwanted items are then pushed into basins and it is then time to drain the hot tub. Once empty, shells, jets, headrests and other areas are scrubbed clean. Water can then be refilled and water balanced, leaving your hot tub better than ever. 

Puddle Hot Tub Programs: Finding Your Ideal Routine 

When it comes to hot tub care the key to great results is consistency. By offering a wide range of treatment options, Puddle customers can create a treatment program that works for them. Puddle crews offer bi-weekly cleaning programs, as well as deep cleans, service calls and customized treatment plans that offer multiple services per week. For high traffic spaces or commercial properties Puddle technicians offer options ranging from treatments once per week, all the way up to five times per week. 

Efficient and affordable hot tub treatments not only leave spas looking their best but also running at full capacity. This means output is improved, swimmers are happy and you are prolonging the lifespan of your spa, water systems and internal components. 

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