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When you have soaked up all of the sunshine and warm weather that summer has to offer, it is time to get ready for fall and winter. You might be worried about sealing up windows and packing away air conditioners, but don’t forget about your pool! Taking the time to close, or winterize your pool means less stress on opening, but it also means protecting your investment. Instead of struggling through seasonal wear and tear, call a Puddle expert for your Hamilton pool closing service.

It is a common misconception that getting your swimming pool ready for winter means a full draining, or just throwing a winter safety cover over water surfaces. In reality, proper seasonal pool care falls somewhere in the middle. Calling an expert technician for your pool closing means a multi-step process, that cleans, protects and inspects the surface and structural components of your water feature, but the inner workings as well.

Pool Closing Services: More Than Weekly Maintenance

Basic pool services often involve skimming surfaces or turning on a pool vacuum but this is not enough to protect your system. Everything from the type of cover used, to the water levels of your system play a role in its overall health and condition. In order to protect both water chemistry and structures, our experienced technicians have divided the pool closing process to ensure great results, every time.

Clean Debris: An efficient pool cleaning begins with a thorough cleaning. Preventing algae growth and a buildup of bacteria is as simple as a vacuuming and scrubbing of pool floors, sides and steps. Taking care of floating debris helps to prevent clogs from forming in your filtration system over long periods of sitting stagnant.

Protecting Pool Equipment: Throughout Hamilton, water features are always at risk of freezing as the seasons change. Dropping the water level so it falls below jets and skimmers is a good idea, and while this step is necessary for in-ground pools, it is not always needed for above ground models. Backwashing your sand filter, or thoroughly cleaning removable filters works to prevent algae from forming. It is also important to clear lines around your pool pump, and return lines.

Winterize Your Pool Water: Even though you are shutting it down, your pool chemistry needs to be maintained in the same way it does through summer. Checking the pH level and total alkalinity are an important part of the shut down process. In addition to standard chemicals, the winterizing process can include other, speciality chemicals that work to prevent bacteria and scale from forming.

Remove Pool Accessories and Equipment: Before closing down your system, it is important to remove any accessories. From pool toys to floating skimmer baskets, everything should be taken out, cleaned and safely stored until it is time to open your pool again.

Puddle Pool Services: For All Your Opening and Closing Needs

Plenty of pool supply stores offer the options to purchase single chemical treatments, or closing packages but putting these to use is a complicated process. Don’t bother with a DIY disaster, when you can call a Puddle Pro instead. Competitive pricing, fully insured services and highly trained technicians make it possible to take your opening and closing into your own hands, without the risk of accidental damage.

Our team of experts are able to help with closings around residential, commercial and multi-unit properties, servicing both above ground systems, hot tubs and inground pool models. From drainage, to scrubbing and even throwing on a winter cover, there is nothing our experts can’t handle. Call today for a free quote.

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