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For businesses across Hamilton, having a swimming pool can be a great draw for new customers, guests, members and even students. Just because your business structures don’t revolve around swimming pools or hot tubs, doesn’t mean that they can be overlooked. It is tough to keep up with the demands of a high traffic environment and that is why our Puddle Pros are always hard at work. Calling a professional for your Hamilton commercial pool services keeps swim spaces clean and helps business owners make the most out of the work days.

On average, a commercial swimming pool can see upwards of a hundred swimmers per day. This means more chemical usage, higher risk of contaminants and the threat of unexpected damage. With each person that steps foot into your pool system, you are one step closer to a necessary cleaning. When caring for high traffic areas like hotels, schools, fitness centres, spas, gyms and more, it is always a better idea to call a Puddle Pro to start a pool cleaning program that fits the unique needs of your space.

What to Know About Commercial Pool Care

Whether you are a small business with a small staff, or a large corporation with a team of employees, pool care should always be a top priority. Business owners are responsible for every individual that steps foot into your pool water. All it takes is one missed cleaning or chemical application to send water chemistry into a tailspin. If pool water is imbalanced, it has the potential for recreational water illnesses. Too many chemicals can lead to skin irritations, while too few open the door for eye and ear infections, as well as digestive issues.

Proper pool care for businesses means in-depth cleaning for structures, pool water and the components that keep it running. Without functional circulation and filtration systems, pools will not stay clean for very long. A pool pump and motor help to circulate chemicals throughout water, creating a sanitary space. A pool filter and skimmer basket, on the other hand, traps and hold debris, keeping it out of eyesight and improving visuals.

The right pool equipment can help to get the right results but not every property has the room to store these items or the technical knowledge to put them to use. Flipping the switch on a pool vacuum is a great way to remove obvious debris from the bottom of the pool but these tools cannot clean stairs, walls or surfaces. With hair products, body lotions, sunscreen and oils seeping off of bodies, they will create a residue near the water line. Telescopic poles will help to scrub these away while skimmers can remove floating debris.

A well-timed pool opening can help to hit the ground running in spring. Waiting too long to open up can mean potential customers moving onto the next available swim space. Being consistent means gaining customer loyalty and recurring visits. Calling a professional pool cleaning company can help to create a schedule that works, encouraging busy days and return customers.

Commercial Pool Maintenance: Routine Cleanings & Seasonal Treatments

By calling a professional pool service, businesses can take control of their cleaning schedules, without drawing energy and attention away from day-to-day operations. By offering options for routine care and cleaning, as well as service calls and seasonal treatments, Puddle Pros make it possible to improve the look and condition of your swim space, no matter the time of year. Each member of the Puddle team is covered with general liability insurance to provide peace of mind, as well as excellent results. For weekly and bi-weekly pool cleaning services, as well as system refreshes and scheduled openings, just call a Puddle Pro for great results and customer service.

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