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The end of Summer is always a bit disappointing but it is even tougher for pool owners. As the temperature takes a dip, it is easy to “just keep swimming”, but without the right preparation, a pool closing or opening can be a real hassle. Instead of struggling with a pool cover or having to manage water levels, call an expert for your Hamilton seasonal pool maintenance.

In the same way that people need different things from Summer to Winter, so do your water features. For example, your pool faces much different risks during the warm season than it does over the winter months. You might think that your pool does not need any attention when it is cold but this just isn’t true. Prepare your pool for the winter to eliminate the risk of algae, stain and scale, and set yourself up for success in the summer with a bit of help from a Puddle Pool Pro.

Seasonal Pool Care: What to Do & When to Do It

Over the course of the summer, you might have to skim pool water or empty skimmer baskets, but it takes a lot more than just that to keep your system running smoothly. As seasons change, pool owners have a new list of chores and maintenance practices to keep up with:

Summer Months: Let’s Get Ready to Open! Pools can be opened in early Spring depending on the climate. Opening your pool means more than pulling back safety covers and diving in! At this point, your pool water has been sitting stagnant for months, and will obviously be in poor condition. Water levels are often dropped before winter, which means that will have to be refilled on opening. Chemical treatments are necessary for any remaining water while it is important to balance the new water that has been added as well.

Preparing for Winter: Even when you aren’t using it, it is important to keep your pool clean. While you might not be scrubbing a pool wall when it is out of use, there is no doubt that, even with a reduced water level, there is still bacteria building. Applying a shock treatment before closing up for the season reduces the risk of algae forming. Sunlight also plays a role in how algae forms, so it is important to remove any mesh coverings and switch to a winter cover.

No matter the time of year, regular inspections of the inner workings and mechanics of your system are a must. Whether you are working with a cartridge or sand filter, each of these should be assessed throughout the season and especially at the end. Hiring expert pool services work to improve the operations and conditions of your pools, no matter the time of year. From skimmer baskets, to diving boards, each piece of your swimming pool plays a role, so it is important to consider them all.

Puddle Pools: Getting the Best Results, All Year Long

Pool safety is not just for those taking a swim. Whenever there are chemicals and specialty tools involved, it is important to act with safety in mind. Each member of the Puddle Pools team is fully insured to protect themselves and your property. It is always important to operate with swimmers in mind, but in a commercial area or hospitality space, it is even more important.

After years in the industry, our team of highly trained technicians are able to perform seasonal maintenance like a well oiled machine. Keeping your pool and spa a clean and inviting space is as simple as calling a Puddle Pool Pro. Our experts are able to offer treatment services as part of a one time clean up or as a regular maintenance routine on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule.

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