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The winter months do not impact Florida as much as some other states but that doesn’t mean that Floridians don’t get cold weather. When temperatures begin to drop, swimming pools are not used as much as they might be during the height of summer. Closing your pool for winter or long periods of disuse can help to avoid unexpected damage and help to prolong the lifespan of your water system. Wildwood pool closings protect swimming pools from breakage, sets the stage for a successful opening in spring and reduces the need for expensive repairs and replacements.

When the swim season ends, you can’t just cover your pool and hope for the best. Fall pool care means removing debris, dropping water levels, winterizing drain plugs and equipment and installing features to keep your system safe when not in use. Closing a pool is a multi-step process and missing just one aspect of this treatment routine will have a ripple effect throughout the entire year.

Fall Pool Maintenance: What You Should Know

Everyone knows that it is important to clean your pool on a regular basis during summer. As temperatures drop and your swim space gets less attention, it is common to miss a cleaning here and there. Even a bit of neglect can have a negative impact on your pool inside and out, so imagine what a few months of sitting stagnant will do! If you are ready to close your swim space down for the season, trust a Puddle technician to perform a multi-part closing that keeps your swim space in great shape.

Pool water is a top priority during summer but it should also be considered after the season has closed out. It is common to see algae growth when pulling back a pool cover in spring but there is a big difference between experiencing a few algae blooms and being completely overrun. Even if you are not looking to maintain water chemistry throughout the off-season, winterizing chemicals go a long way in preventing algae formation and spread.

When you want to winterize your pool, it is important to consider what is happening behind the scenes. This is an ideal time to check pool filters. Whether you have a cartridge or sand, filter care is important to keeping your system clean and running. It is also a good idea to remove detachable components to be dried and stored to avoid damage. Inspect pool pumps, motors return lines and empty skimmer baskets to make sure that systems are functional to avoid unpleasant surprises in spring.

It is always a good idea to drop the water level in inground pools to reduce the risk of contamination and debris buildup inside plumbing lines. If you are worried about freezing or cold snaps are on the way, call an expert to install water bags in above ground pools.

The Perks of Expert Pool Closing Services

Anyone can pop out to a local pool supply store for test kits but these only work when you know how to use them. Technicians at Puddle Pool Services are local to the Wildwood area, so we understand what your water systems are up against. Years of experience, access to local resources and a network of pool pros, combined with fully insured staff and services is a recipe for a smooth running pool system. If you are ready to close a swimming pool in a residential or commercial environment, call a Puddle Pool today.

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